Explore Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail

The quality of customer service can deeply impact profits and company reputation. But good customer service is more than just a smile and a friendly tone. The process of serving clients, the ways that communication occurs between employees and customers, the way feedback is handled, and the overall customer retail experience all play a vital role as examples of good customer service in retail.

When a retail store has poor customer service, they are more likely to experience walkaways and no-shows. This loss of business grows even more when you think of each walkaway as:

  1. A missed opportunity to sell them their chosen product.
  2. A missed opportunity to upsell them.
  3. A missed opportunity for them to recommend the store to friends and family.

QLess revolutionizes the customer's experience. The software takes all the varied elements of customer service and uses a system to address all of them individually with innovative new operational features. Below are just a few examples of good customer service in retail that QLess can help with.

The Personal Touch

One of the best ways to demonstrate to customers that you care about their retail experience in your store is with a personal touch. A help or information desk is the best place to show clients a personal touch. This can be difficult though when the help desk gets crowded or representatives are busy helping others to find what they need. QLess' queue management system simplifies the waiting process. Clients can check-in at an on-site kiosk or digitally online and wait from wherever to be seen. These examples of good customer service in retail mean that there are no long lines that cause customers to hesitate before even attempting to meet one-on-one with an employee.

Taking The Stress Out Of Shopping

One of the best qualities of the queue management system is that it can send updates and alerts. QLess reduces impatient walkaways by clearly communicating with waiting clients by sending updates directly to their phone. It's the perfect example of good customer service in retail. Clients feel more refreshed and are less likely to be impatient when finally getting face to face with a sales representative when they use QLess. Rather than waiting in a long line, they have spent this waiting time wandering the store and picking out more to buy. This means that in addition to improved customer retail experience, QLess improves employee experience as well.

Signs of Respect

One of the key examples of good customer service in retail is respect. Customers want to know that your store is going to take care of their needs and respect them. Here are just a few ways that businesses can show respect to their clientele.

Respect For The Client's Time

Rather than forcing customers to wait in long lines with little communication as to when they'll be seen, try QLess' queue management software. When shoppers have to wait next to other impatient shoppers in long lines, it can be hard not to feel disrespected. We all have places to be, and inefficient or untimely service comes across as unprofessional. Without examples of good customer service in retail being used in-store, clients think their needs are not being met. Another great aspect of QLess is that it doesn't just digitize queues for a better retail experience. It also collects and stores analytics about business operations. This feature is one of the more in-depth, structural examples of good customer service in retail. With information taken from QLess about when most appointments are scheduled, you can find out when you are most busy and when you aren't. This way, you'll be able to predict patterns and staff accordingly. It streamlines your staffing process so that you aren't continually left overstaffed in a lull and understaffed when things are crazy.

Respect For The Overall Client Experience

When customers see a long line behind them, they feel rushed with their time with employees. The client retail experience is inconvenient from start to finish, making them less likely to want to purchase anything or return for service in the future. Good customer service means catering to the customer's needs from start to finish and providing a stress-free environment for shopping.The problem with taking time with each customer is that it improves that client's experience while making other customers wait longer. QLess, one of the best examples of good customer service in retail, eliminates lines so that there is less of a rush while receiving assistance. It also puts employees in a better mood, which means clients are getting better service. Employees are in a better mood because of a clear, uncrowded store without long, impatient lines of customers. Staff can, therefore, slow down and spend the appropriate amount of time with each customer, thereby improving client retail experience without wasting other people's time.

Respectful Communication

There's nothing shoppers hate more than not being communicated with. Let's say a wait time takes slightly longer than intended. With no end in sight, a disgruntled shopper may just walk away. Examples of good customer service in retail include transparency. Successful stores show transparency in letting people in line know how much longer they'll need to wait if there are any delays, and why those delays are taking place. QLess uses bi-directional communication to allow staff to send updates right to clients' phones. This way, the client can make informed decisions about whether or not they'd like to continue waiting. Their expectations can be appropriately set and they leave without feeling disappointed or disrespected. This bi-directional communication is a great example of good customer service in retail. It also means that customers can leave feedback that helps improve future retail experience. When things go wrong, which is always a possibility, customers want to know that a retailer is going to make it up to them. Another amazing way to take feedback from customers is to place QR codes in your store. QR-code tech is simple and these codes can be generated using any of these QR-code generators.


What is QLess?

QLess is an innovative new queue management system, but it does more than just that. QLess has several impressive features that are examples of good customer service in retail. These features help improve customer service, including:

Many retailers use QLess to improve the client experience while cutting operational costs by staffing more efficiently, scheduling clients digitally, and removing the need for an unsightly and stressful in-store line.

Benefits of QLess on Client Retention

Brick and mortar retailers are losing out to online shops. Shopping digitally is convenient, simple, and often saves money. The in-person stores that stay afloat show many examples of good customer service in retail. To keep up, the customer experience in-store needs to be efficient, effective, and most important, convenient. Stressful retail experiences quickly enforce to clients that online shopping is better, which is not ideal. QLess' software helps stores to retain and grow their client base with:

Try QLess For Improved Customer Service

If you are a retailer hoping to improve your in-store experience for customers and compete with the convenience of online shopping, try QLess. This system is one of the best examples of good customer service in retail. It works well across several industries like government, logistics, and healthcare, but is particularly effective in retail environments. Sign up today for a product demo for your industry. You can reach out to speak with a member of the QLess team now. QLess is easy to integrate into the workplace and doesn't require extensive training. It is easy to use for employees and has a user-friendly interface for customers. Get set up with QLess today and start impressing your retail customers. Stellar examples of good customer service in retail are only a few clicks away.