Great Customer Service and an SMS Queue Management Systems for Busy Seasons

Many businesses have busy seasons. Owners and employees can dread the overwhelming volume, customer agitation with lines and wait times, and stress that comes along with it. From flu season at healthcare facilities to Black Friday and holiday shopping for retailers, to back to school time for colleges, busy seasons are a difficult hurdle for many industries. If you're tired of the same old method of standing in long lines and appointment scheduling, it's time you took a look at the QLess SMS queue management system. This system will result in great customer service from employees, transfer high satisfaction rates to your consumers, and make the busy season seem like a breeze to get through.

How the QLess System Can Work for Your Company

The QLess SMS queue management system is a new technology that is sweeping the nation and completely replacing old ways of appointment scheduling and the take-a-number system. It takes the stress off of staff so they can focus on one customer at a time and provide great customer service. It also clears away customers from lines, crowded wait areas, and lets them wait where and how they want to. That means no more clogged healthcare waiting rooms with potentially contagious people and no more long lines for retailers and universities.

The Healthcare ApplicationAppointment SchedulingDoctor's offices and urgent care clinics during the winter flu season can be a nightmare. Patients don't want to wait for hours to be seen at a walk-in clinic, and they certainly don't want to catch a virus while waiting for their doctor's appointment. Long wait times and other sneezing patients can breed agitation and frustration that is eventually reflected on the staff. Even if patients are kind to employees, they can still get overwhelmed and overworked which leads to poor customer service on the whole. The QLess SMS queue management system can let patients wait at home, in their car, or at nearby businesses if they don't want to wait in the traditional healthcare waiting room.For walk-in clinics, patients can join a virtual queue on their mobile device, the business's website, or through onsite kiosks. For doctor's offices, patients can easily use the appointment scheduling feature online or with the app to make their appointment. All patients receive notifications on their cell phones about their updated wait time and place in line. If there are unexpected delays, healthcare workers can easily send alerts straight to the patients' phones. The staff also has access to a real-time dashboard that lets them see the patients' information, the reason for their visit, and other helpful data for managing the crowds. This easy-to-use system leads to better employee productivity and great customer service.

Great Customer Service in RetailHigher EducationGreat Customer Service with Added BenefitsWe're all familiar with the crazy lines, crowd rushes, and unreasonable customers that can go along with Black Friday and the entire holiday season at the mall and other retail stores. Expecting your employees to deliver great customer service under these circumstances is a strained hope at best. Losing a few good employees along the way is more likely. The QLess SMS queue management system can also be a major game-changer in retail stores to help you get through the busy season. Forget about filling the wait areas with little upsells you hope customers will pick up. With QLess, your customers can join the virtual line and continue to browse throughout your store until their phone alerts them to the service desk. Clerks are less stressed and customers can continue to shop for things they didn't even know they wanted.Back to school time for colleges and universities is a headache for students and all types of staff in admissions, financial aid, academic advising, and even the university bookstores. When staff gets busy, great customer service is pushed to the wayside in an attempt to handle the volume. Students can get overlooked, miss appointments, and be less likely to take advantage of the school's services that can help keep them on track for graduating. The QLess system takes a huge load off of staff with managing crowded wait areas and scheduling appointments. It can also optimize the workday for advisors through FlexAppointments by automatically filling in scheduling gaps, leading advisors to be more productive at providing great customer service to students.In addition to the great customer service you can achieve during the busy season with QLess, you also get added benefits and features that you could never achieve with a take-a-number system or old school appointment scheduling process. When customers are actively waiting in the virtual queue, your business has the option to send alerts about your current or upcoming promotions. You're almost guaranteed to get a great read rate because they're already looking at their phones for wait time updates. And when the customer leaves the queue, you can gauge how great they thought their customer service was by sending a short customer satisfaction survey.

Woman receiving great customer service from a cashier

Valuable Data & Analytics

Those customer satisfaction surveys are stored in the QLess system along with other pertinent data like customer transaction types and completion times, no-show and walk-out rates, outcomes, customer preferences, and other metrics. The data is arranged into graphs and reports that you can download and save to help identify areas for improvement in your business. You can also use the information to tailor future promotions to suit your customers' wants and needs. Or, create employee incentive programs to encourage great customer service.

The QLess SMS queue management system is a technology that will give your business an edge over the competition and help cement a stellar reputation. You'll get more positive online reviews, which will help keep customers returning and bring in new ones. It's easy to set up and easy to use for business owners, staff, and customers. Contact QLess today to request your free business demo.