How a Simple Queue Management System Can Change the Education Sector

Keeping up with the times is a challenge and several rapid changes in education have further transformed the sector. From online education to an expanding level of choice, higher education establishments work hard to keep up and innovate at an expeditious pace. Serving students with often decreasing resources means getting a bit creative.

A simple queue management system is revolutionizing the way service is provided in higher education. Everything from student enrollment to financial aid generally requires students to take a number, line up or wait around. This leaves the look of your school behind the times. Help your organization move its reputation to the top of the class by removing these hurdles with a new streamlined approach to the way students experience campus life.

How it Works for Students

From a student perspective, line ups are inconvenient at best. On the worst days, entire mornings are wasted. Transitioning to campus life in a new area with new surroundings is hard enough without having to spend hours navigating the bureaucracy of student IDs, enrollment and registration. QLess helps eliminate the inconvenience with a simple queue management system.

The QLess campus appointment scheduling App has a proven track record of increasing student satisfaction, which in turn lowers attrition at your school. Watch congestion disappear during peak periods when crowding often takes over hallways and offices on campus.

Increase Student Retention

Low satisfaction scores are often cited as a main factor in student dropouts. It pays to increase satisfaction and make services easier and more accessible to students.

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With a simple queue management system more students are serviced in a shorter period of time by staff and administration. Plus, your hallways always look sleek and organized to visitors.

Administrative professionals in the education sector agree that one of the top challenges they face on the job is student retention. Improving the student experience by eliminating line ups on campus is an easy fix to a substantial challenge in education. Let our proven technology do the work for you.

Streamline Communication

Students are more likely to graduate if they are satisfied with their life on campus and can access the resources they need quickly and efficiently. Don't leave them out of the loop - a simple queue management system does more than just shorten line ups. It allows students to be in the know and collaborate in the process. The result? Fewer student complaints.

Campus life is filled with distractions and an overflow of information, especially at busy times. Use a simple App to inform your student body and keep communication open between students and administration. Customize it to suit your school's image and needs.

Move Administration Into the Future

Establishing a more streamlined approach doesn't require much expertise or training. Unsurprisingly, 84% of administration officials surveyed believe a simple queue management system like QLess would positively impact their campus mandate. Our success stories prove our system's success. Here's how you can help move your administration into the future.

See how staff naturally increase their own efficiency in the process of actively solving problems for students. Many other schools and administrators in the education sector have reaped the benefits of moving toward a system designed to address identified problem areas on campus.

Reduce Costs

The most visible result of a simple queue management system is the almost immediate reduction in student line ups. But reducing costs is another huge benefit. A small initial investment very quickly pays off in the long run - sometimes within a few short weeks.

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You'll notice fewer walk-aways, a reduction in return visits and reduced chaos. But most of all, staff help decrease costs by becoming more efficient at what they do.

Minimal equipment is required for initial implementation. One thing that sets our system apart is the ability to create an approach that works for your student body and staff. That could mean keeping a traditional system alongside the new one, or it could mean slowly training staff one location at a time through a pilot. We recognize that every organization is different, and we fine-tune until we get it right for you.

Try QLess Today

A simple queue management system is within reach of your students and administration. Here's how you can start changing the face of your school one step at a time. Set up a demo or contact us today to help make QLess work for you.