How to Keep Your Ski Resort Profitable With Our Client Scheduling App

Winter is upon us, and people are looking for ways to enjoy the season without being shut in by COVID-19. Ski resorts, like most other businesses, will likely take a hit this year, so it's important to enact social distancing measures promptly and make the most of this profitable time of year. Virtual lines make customers feel safer and let them wait where they choose. The QLess client scheduling app can thin out the crowds safely so customers can throw on their ski gear and hit the slopes without worry.

Ticket Purchases & Equipment Rental

Weekends are the busiest times for ski resorts, and customer lines for tickets and rental equipment can get lengthy. The QLess online scheduling program lets customers join a virtual queue and gives them alerts about wait times. This frees them from waiting in lines in close proximity so they can enjoy other amenities at the resort while they wait. Customers can relax at the bar or watch the pros on the half-pipe.

Social Distancing at the Slopes

Lift lines can also get clustered for ski resort customers. While they usually go pretty fast, it's still not a safe option when we need to be social distancing. Virtual lift lines when using the QLess client scheduling app make it safer for everyone involved, including the staff.

Hotel Check-in

If you run a big resort, you know that the hotel check-in can be a hectic process, especially when you have large groups and onsite events happening. An online scheduling program is an ideal technology that lets customers wait anywhere they want. You no longer need to have a crowded lobby. Your employees will also be able to directly communicate with patrons using text or voice messages sent straight to their cell phones.

Restaurant & Bar Queues

If you've been thinking about beeper and pager systems for your bars and restaurants, that method is now outdated. A client scheduling app on customers' cell phones is the way to go. Customers are given updated approximate wait times and they can wait anywhere inside or outside of the resort. They can choose to wait in their hotel rooms, view the sights of the beautiful mountain slopes, or socialize with friends.The QLess client scheduling app is a diverse system that works for large, complex resorts for many applications. It uses the common technology that every one of your customers possesses: a cell phone. You can also employ the use of onsite kiosks to help the virtual check-in process run even more smoothly. Your employees will love the real-time dashboard that lets them manage customers with ease. In these times, it's more important than ever to find ways to social distance and stay as profitable as possible. Contact us today to request a free business demo.