Keep Doctor's Office Waiting Rooms Safe Post-COVID

Believe it or not, the coronavirus pandemic has had some positive effects on our society. Because of the pandemic, our healthcare system has gone through radical changes to better fight the spread of disease between patients, staff, and healthcare providers. New policies and procedures promote the health and safety of all. And though COVID-19 may be declining in severity, we need to learn from these new policies to keep doctor's office waiting rooms safe.

How Doctor's Offices Have Changed During COVID-19

No Waiting Rooms

In response to the pandemic, many healthcare facilities and doctor's offices have implemented "no waiting room" policies in which a patient call system is used. Instead of checking in at the front desk with a receptionist, patients can call in or use an app to let the facility know they have arrived for their appointment. They wait in their car until they receive a notification that the staff are ready to receive them. This way, patients don't have to wait in a crowded waiting room with potentially contagious people. Staff are also better protected by limited interaction with patients. These new methods are preferred by the majority of people, as concerns for one's own safety are still fresh in our minds. Some offices also limit the number of people who can attend a patient's appointments.


In addition to changes in doctor's office waiting rooms, telemedicine is a popular method for patients to get help from a doctor without ever having to step foot in a facility. Using an online appointment scheduler, patients can make appointments on the company's website to request a telemedicine appointment. Telemedicine enables patients to connect face-to-face with their healthcare provider via a platform like Skype, Zoom meetings, or FaceTime. Patients can often upload pictures of their issues, such as rashes or wounds, and doctors can write prescriptions virtually. Telemedicine can be used for routine visits, urgent care, wellness programs, and more.

Learning From COVID Experiences

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The pandemic forced healthcare facilities to quickly revise their procedures to increase safety precautions. Even as coronavirus begins to wane, it isn't necessarily the best policy to revert to old ways. What we have learned from COVID-19 can continue to be applied to limit the spread of disease during the yearly flu season and to keep patients and staff safe from the spread of contagions everyday. New technologies like the QLess waiting room patient call system and appointment scheduler offer benefits and features that allow doctor's office waiting rooms to promote social distancing, while gaining valuable insights about their operations.

QLess is a system that can be applied to many other businesses in the healthcare industry as well. Hospitals, urgent care, wellness clinics, physical therapy offices, dental offices, veterinarian offices, and more can help keep their patients and staff safer with updated procedures. Contact QLess today for information about our free business demo. You can also read our success stories of how QLess has already helped healthcare offices improve their methods and patient experiences.