Let Your Customers Get in Line Online With a Car Appointment App

When you have a limited number of sales and service representatives in your car dealership, rushes during promotional sales or even just during ordinary business hours can make your customers wait for long periods. When shopping for a new car, they may even pass up your business if it's too busy and view cars at other dealerships, allowing your customers to get in line online using your company's website or a car appointment app on their phone lets them make better use of their wait time. It also reduces your number of walk-outs and raises customer satisfaction.

The QLess App For Car Dealership Sales Teams

Take some of the pressure off of your sales team by letting customers get in line ahead of time with your company's website or app. Instead of managing customers in a waiting room that breeds frustration, and can cause unsafe crowding, your sales team will have a real-time dashboard that lets them see who is waiting and what services they are seeking. Customers who schedule an appointment or join the virtual queue are free to roam the lot or wait anywhere they choose while your sales reps take care of their current customer. This raises the satisfaction level for customers who are waiting and allows your sales team to better focus on the individual customer needs of whom they are interacting with at the time.

The QLess Car Appointment App For Service Departments  

Many car dealerships also run a service department for vehicle maintenance, this is another area that can often cause long wait times for customers, especially when they can't simply drop their vehicle off for service. The QLess app lets customers schedule their service appointments online with a car appointment app, and they can get in line using their cell phone once they arrive at your car dealership. The app sends notifications straight to their cell phones to let them know approximate wait times, then alerts them when their vehicle is ready for pickup. Simple oil changes and routine maintenance will no longer have your customers clogging up the waiting room. Instead, they can kill time at local restaurants or retail shops, even just keeping your customer in the loop with alerts makes for better online reviews and more positive exposure for your business.

Features And Benefits

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Using a technology that lets your customers get in line online has modern benefits and features that old-school wait lines can't produce. From capabilities to send alerts about current promotions and customer satisfaction surveys to recording important metrics about customer habits and staff productivity, QLess' car appointment app lets you assess your business operations and improve your marketing efforts. You'll also learn about customer demographics, customer return rates, wait and fulfillment times, and much more.

Contact us to learn more about how the QLess car appointment app can improve efficiency in your car dealership or request a free demo today. Let your customers get in line online to improve their experience and satisfaction.