New Logistics Industry Trends to Adapt to a Post-COVID World

The logistics industry is full of essential businesses and workers that need to keep operating during this time of pandemic. Goods need to be manufactured, transported, and delivered to their final destinations. The challenge for many companies is to implement new logistics industry trends that safeguard workers from spreading COVID-19 between themselves and their customers. Some businesses, like meat processors, have already had to shut their doors for an indefinite amount of time until the spread of coronavirus can be controlled. Implementing new technologies that promote social distancing, as well as improve current processes, will be key in conquering these new times.

How QLess Enables Healthy Social Distancing

Delivery of Documents and Orders

Many businesses are still following old logistics industry trends of face-to-face delivery of documents and signing on of contractors. When you have a virus that can be spread by people who never show symptoms or signs of illness, this is a risky part of operations that can quickly pass coronavirus between workers. The QLess logistics queuing system uses one's mobile phone to remotely deliver needed documents and instructions to wherever workers are, whether it's on the production floor, straight to their delivery vehicle, or anywhere they happen to be. The QLess system can also deliver updates about changes in schedules or orders without interrupting the workflow of the employee.

Reduction of Bottlenecks

For large companies in the logistics industry, bottlenecks are a common occurrence. Workers who need to obtain permits, receive deployment instructions, or complete processing forms can get stuck waiting in crowded lines that always seem to move slowly. QLess can also be used with onsite kiosks to let workers complete forms and receive permits with an automated system. This can be especially handy for businesses where cell phone use is strictly prohibited. Companies that have implemented this system have greatly reduced wait times, improved efficiency, received great satisfaction rates from employees and contractors, and saved significant amounts of money every year. In addition to all those benefits, social distancing measures are easily promoted, keeping workers healthier and more at ease when working during the pandemic.

Valuable Insights for New Logistics Industry Trends

Implementing new technology into a large company across multiple locations and operations can seem like a daunting task. How will you know your new practices are truly making an impact? With the QLess system, you also get access to valuable reports and analytics that let you view data to track employee productivity and assess how efficiently your operation is running. This lets you see the effects of these new changes and gives you the ability to improve processes along the way to lower overall costs. The QLess team will help your company along every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition to our cloud-based technology.

QLess is the perfect logistics industry solution during and after this pandemic. You'll wonder why you didn't make the transition sooner. Call us today to request a free business demo.