Office Depot: Benefits of QLess Queue Management System Software

Recently, the QLess queue management system software has been implemented in over 600 Office Depot and OfficeMax stores in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and other areas. Office Depot has focused the queue management tools on their copy and print centers to alleviate long wait times and lines. You may remember hitting the print center at a busy time and having to hang around the service desk for what seemed like forever. Now, customers can virtually save their spot in line and receive status updates right on their cell phones.

A Release From Lines

outside of a shop

Instead of being chained to a waiting line for service, Office Depot customers can now kill time any way they please while they receive alerts on their phones. They can roam the store to shop for items, visit local restaurants or retail shops, or simply wait outside or in their vehicle. Customers can also use the QLess queue management system software to schedule a 30-minute appointment with an Office Depot associate to receive advice about their computer, laptop, or cell phone. This way, customers can show up to the store right when the QLess app alerts them that it's time for their appointment.

Customers Love The QLess Queue Management System Software

The Chain Store Age (CSA) reports that Kevin Moffitt, Executive VP and Chief Retail Officer for Office Depot, explained, "It's never been easier and more efficient for our customers to use print and copy services. Whether you're preparing signage for your store grand opening or need to print new business cards, we know time is valuable. That's why our new queuing technology lets customers wait where they want and helps our trusted print and copy advisors provide an excellent customer experience."

With such a successful implementation of the queue management tools, it's easy to see why customers love the new, modern system. Who wouldn't want the freedom to make better use of your wait time and the option to make a pre-scheduled appointment for service? The QLess queue management system software also allows Office Depot to send customers satisfaction surveys and to record this data in reports. These features let management track how well the system is working and discover areas in their operations that could use improvements.

Less Stress For Employees

The QLess system also reduces the workload for Office Depot print and copy center employees. Workers have the use of a real-time dashboard that lets them see who is waiting and what kind of services they need. Staff can also send text or voice messages directly to customers with specific directions or other communications. Employees no longer have to get the stare down by customers waiting around the service desk for their turn. Overall, the QLess system makes for happier Office Depot staff and customers.

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