The Ques for Lines at Your School Are Impossibly Long? Go With A Queueless Solution

As students set foot on campus tours each year, they quickly recognize that each one has a unique vibe. Prospective students tour schools, expecting to find a place that melds with their own values and needs. They quickly absorb the excitement and feel of each campus and analyze their own compatibility with the school.

One thing they don't want to see when they set foot on campus? Long ques for line ups. The look of a school's admissions office, recreational complex, library, and lunch hall is a dead giveaway of how things are run. Line ups and crowding should never prevail in areas students visit frequently -- and now they don't have to.

The QLess solution offers a top-notch system that effectively reduces line ups and keeps things moving smoothly. Work with our expert team to create your own individualized plan using our virtual system. Let us help your campus staff fill the gaps, reduce no-shows, and deliver even more effective services with the help of cutting-edge technology. Educational institutions around the globe have become leaders in remote line up systems on campus, and this guide will show you how your campus can join them.

1. Reduce the Appearance of Chaos

The top benefit of a QLess solution is the reduction or even complete elimination of line ups on campus. Fewer line ups mean less time wasted and a cleaner appearance in open spaces. Having a management system in place to address the long ques for line ups shorten wait times for students drastically -- by up to 97%.

There are other benefits too. Students who see their campus moving toward a digital solution feel like their voices are being heard. Using remote line up systems helps create a modern appearance on campus and gives students more options for service. It shows that your educational institution truly values student time.

2. Predict Wait Times With QLess

a man looks at the time on his wristwatch

Students applaud QLess on campus, and it's no wonder. Nobody wants to stand around for an undisclosed period of time, wondering if and when they will reach the end of the line. Predicting wait time can help remove the mystery of waiting. Your students will appreciate the quick reduction of long ques for line ups.

Wait time predictions help staff and students focus on tasks outside of line up management. No more scanning the line to offer snacks and water to frustrated students. No more counting and guesswork for staff. These tasks are time wasters all-round.

3. The Remote Que for Line Ups

With QLess, the benefits of a remote que are seen almost immediately. Other schools have noticed an almost-instant change after implementing a digital line up management system. With a remote system, no employee intervention is required in order to reduce physical traffic on campus and the first interaction with students generally occurs when staff help them accomplish what they set out to do.

The QLess system gives students control over their time and improves student satisfaction. Ease the pressure on your staff and reduce the additional tasks performed outside of their job description. Put technology to work for you and let QLess take over and perform the complex task of line up management.

4. Raise the Standard of Service, Digitally

Students have come to expect a quick and efficient response in the digital age. With texting and apps used more and more frequently, it makes less sense to just wait around. The next generation is accustomed to videos, music, rides, and responses on demand. Using a mobile que for line ups makes sense for them, and it can make sense for your staff and management too.

Highlighting these services on to prospective students makes your campus more appealing for students looking for something just a little more efficient. Show that you have joined the digital age and raise the bar for your staff and students alike with a QLess solution.

5. FlexAppointments

Imagine a system that automatically updates so that every student who arrives at their appointment late is pushed back in the mobile que for line ups. QLess FlexAppointments makes it happen. Built within the QLess platform, take line up reduction and student satisfaction to the next level.

The QLess FlexAppointments app allows a proactive communication platform to enhance your student services on campus. Walk-ins can coexist alongside your virtual line up using a method that is proven to prevent any long gaps between students requesting services on high-volume days.

6. Manage Workload

QLess helps your staff manage the que for line ups and inform administration from anywhere. Through real-time reports and student surveys, our data analyzes what services are used and when. Quickly identify specific needs and gaps in service, and make changes to administer services more effectively on campus.

Save your staff time and help students more effectively as you collect student survey data and see what they require in real-time. Many institutions choose to use our platform in order to analyze the effectiveness of a wide range of student services. Now your campus can do it too.

7. Easy to Implement, Easy Maintenance

With so many benefits, we often receive questions regarding how this que for line ups system is implemented and how much it will cost your institution to retrain staff and keep the system in tip-top shape. Here are some things to keep in mind:

No proprietary software is needed and your students are not required to download or install anything new to get started. Our highly-rated cloud-based software can enhance your school's global reputation and allow you to join the ranks of other institutions already in the know.

Put QLess to Work Today

Using a mobile que for line ups can quickly change the face of your campus. Our executive team is on-call to work with your team. Our clients attest to our individualized attention. QLess helps analyze each system to identify key needs and create an easy transition to virtual line ups that make sense. The outcome is hard to beat: stress-free students and staff who no longer feel frustrated as they try to guess the wait time, disappearing crowds and more attentive campus staff.

Contact us and request a demo today to see how QLess can help propel your campus into the future.