5 Ways Line Queue System Technology Can Improve College Campuses

The average college campus is home to thousands of students and hundreds of staff members. On a day-to-day basis, hallways and lecture halls are abuzz with activity as both students and staff convene, all driven by a shared passion for knowledge.

However, although colleges are built on the value of education, the college experience is largely sustained by various systems of administration, many of which are inefficient. While waiting in line for student services or document pick-up might seem inconsequential, these needless inefficiencies of student life can ultimately siphon time away from more pressing matters.

Fortunately, line queue systems are a fantastic way to optimize college campuses and cut down on wasted time that could be better served. After all, why waste minutes or hours waiting in a line when you could squeeze in a few more hours of test prep or essay polishing?

1) Streamline Document & Identification Pick-Up

One of the most frustrating hurdles for many college students involves compiling, submitting, and receiving the many documents that are associated with college life. Whether a student is due to pick up a new student ID card or finalize some financial aid paperwork, waiting in line to pick up documents can drain students of their willpower and patience.

However, with line queue systems, students can book their document-related appointments online rather than waiting their turn in-person. When their appointment approaches, the system will notify them via SMS (text) or phone message, giving them time to get to the appropriate kiosk and collect their documents.

Staff benefit from remote queueing systems too. Because these services are entirely digital, college staff members can easily communicate with students via phone or SMS (text) and inform them of any delays or service interruptions.

2) Register for New Classes with Ease

The dawn of a new semester can be an exciting time. Unfortunately, the excitement for new classes and lessons is often dampened by poorly managed class registration systems.

Without a line queue system in place, class registration can inspire feelings of dread and apprehension in many students. Most commonly, students worry about the availability of their course options or the timeliness of their applications.

Fortunately, many of the fears that surround class registration can be quelled with a remote queuing service. By introducing a more versatile waiting system for students, you can reduce systemic congestion and cultivate a campus environment that's exciting and streamlined, rather than frustrating and inefficient.

3) Reduce Operational Costs


Many college administrators are well-acquainted with the challenge of tending to student needs and sustaining operations with limited resources. Although implementing a line queue system might sound expensive, it's a pittance compared to the amount of money that colleges are paying to maintain inefficient and bloated systems.

Without an effective way to manage queues, various school departments often burn through resources at a needlessly accelerated rate. When faced with long lines, students and staff alike can become irritable and impatient, which can drastically reduce productivity by increasing the need for more frequent staff breaks and vacations.

However, line queue systems allow college staff and administrators to work through their queues faster and more effectively by increasing the number of students they can assist and decreasing walkaways or no-shows. By keeping queues orderly and facilitating personable interactions, remote queueing systems can boost overall productivity while also keeping costs low.

4) Incentivize Feedback

As true communities, colleges are built and defined by the shared collaboration of many minds. By cultivating an open marketplace of ideas, colleges can solicit meaningful feedback from their students and professors and work towards refining their operations for the better.

By the same principle, line queue systems that offer SMS surveys can also help colleges identify what's working and what needs improvement. Just as remote line systems can text (SMS) message students to keep them up-to-date on their position in a queue, they can also request and gather feedback from recent queue participants.

Because remote line systems make collecting feedback a breeze, colleges will be able to quickly glean valuable insights about the effectiveness of various queues. From here, administrators can strategize, optimize their staffing, and identify common pitfalls in the interest of further improvement.

5) Boost Student and Staff Morale

Colleges around the world devote countless resources towards many expensive efforts to improve morale and student retention. However, one of the best ways that colleges can boost staff and student morale is by improving their efficiency with an inexpensive line queue system.

Regardless of the quality of a college's facilities or classes, poor organizational structure can severely reduce enrollment and campus satisfaction rates. To students, a campus that's packed with dozens of lines often serves as an indicator that their time isn't respected. But for administrators, an abundance of waiting should be interpreted as an opportunity for immediate improvement.

Time is an invaluable resource. By reducing campus wait times, colleges can establish how much they respect the time of their students and staff, boost morale, and improve their reputation.

Eliminate Lines & Strengthen Campus Morale with QLess

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