What Industries Can Benefit From Online Booking Software?

When you think of online booking software, you may think about industries like healthcare facilities, veterinarian offices, or government offices, but there are so many more businesses that can benefit from online booking software, like salons and hotels. It automates the process for customers and lets them schedule appointments through the company's website or an app on their cell phone. The QLess software easily fills gaps and seamlessly integrates walk-ins with customers who have an appointment booked. Here are some of the industries that have had great success by implementing the QLess system.


Online booking software for beauty, nail, and hair salons helps keep employees' schedules rolling with customers who made an appointment ahead of time, and with customers who walk in for immediate service. QLess uses FlexAppointments to fill gaps and reduce downtime in between customers. QLess can also be used to give employees more information about what a customer wants and any special needs they may have.


Online booking software has been used in hotels for years, and it has proven to be an effective method of filling rooms through a company's website or an app. When using the QLess software, hotels gain extra insights into their customers' habits with trackable data and analytics. This information can be used to create future promotions. With every customer's cell phone number being captured, businesses can send their promos directly to their customers.

Special Events

streamline convention arrangements with online booking software

Sporting events, conventions, and festivals draw huge crowds and long lines that can be more efficiently managed with online booking software. From saving their place at the event to using the queue management features to disperse long lines, special events can create higher rates of satisfaction and lower the congestion of crowds. It's a win-win for event planners and customers who attend.

Shooting Ranges

You'd be surprised by the popularity of shooting ranges in areas like high-density cities. They often draw lots of customers daily who then wait for long periods to have their turn at some gun-blazing fun. Online booking software makes it possible for customers to plan out their trip with an appointment instead of simply hoping the wait time is low. Employees at the shooting range can also communicate directly with customers to let them know about any issues with time frames.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities require a myriad of appointments when applying for admissions, seeking financial aid, and visiting with an academic advisor. QLess online booking software has given higher education institutions the power to let their students make better use of their time when waiting to be seen, and faculty have real-time dashboards to manage the range of services that are given to each student.

QLess online booking software can be applied to a huge number of businesses in varied industries. Give us a call today to discuss what QLess can do to help you increase your business efficiency, schedule appointments, and relieve lines with queue management.