Upgrade Your DMV Appointment System With QLess When Reopening

Purple Chair in DMV waiting area

All around the country, states are starting to re-open businesses and government offices. Some areas are also starting to see a rise in the number of daily reported cases of COVID-19, so as we reopen, it is important to continue to promote social distancing efforts and maintain a high standard of cleanliness. If DMVs were to simply return to business as it was before the pandemic with overcrowded waiting rooms, we could see a negative health impact stemming from that atmosphere. Implementing a DMV appointment and queue management system is an excellent way to keep business flowing while limiting customer-to-customer contact.

What is The QLess DMV Appointment System?

QLess is an app that works with your customers’ cell phones. Your customers can join a virtual queue or schedule an appointment using your company’s website, the app on their cell phone, or an onsite kiosk. For example, customers who want to schedule a driver’s license exam can easily do so directly on their phone. They then receive confirmations and reminder notifications from the DMV appointment system about their upcoming exam, reducing the amount of no-shows for driver’s tests.

Clearing Out Waiting Rooms

Empty waiting room DMV online check-in app

Other routine DMV customers can check-in online with the app before they even step foot inside the DMV building. Forget about the old take-a-number system! With the DMV appointment system by QLess, customers get timely service alerts on their cell phones, which allows them to wait anywhere but a crowded DMV waiting room. They can spend more time at home before heading towards the DMV, wait in their vehicle, or run other errands at local businesses. That means customers aren’t stuck together, potentially spreading germs in a small room. Safe social distancing can be observed and employees can have proper time to disinfect surfaces in between serving customers. When it’s the customer’s turn, they receive a notification on their phone directing them to the proper service desk window.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

In the wake of the pandemic, using QLess’ DMV appointment system just makes sense to promote a healthier environment for customers and staff. A huge added benefit of a DMV online check-in app is the increase in customer satisfaction. DMVs are notorious for producing agitated customers and staff, but using this modern technology creates a calmer environment that will lead to better online reviews. The QLess app also lets you send out customer satisfaction surveys so you can get an accurate measure of how effectively the system is working for your business. 

The QLess system will also track important data and metrics about your customers and employees, allowing you to assess staff productivity and learn about your customers’ habits. QLess has had major success in DMVs, whose customers love the new system. Contact us today to learn more about the features and benefits of QLess for DMVs. We’ll also set up a free demo to show you how QLess creates a safer, healthier environment for your customers and staff in a post-COVID world.