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Do Your Bank Tellers Need a Break? Queue Management Systems Can Help

Queue management systems are new technologies that revolutionize the way customers wait in line and schedule appointments. For the last century, the “take-a-number” system has been the only upgrade to standing […]

Benefit Patients With Reduced Waiting Time During COVID-19 And Beyond

Healthcare clinics, family doctors, and hospitals are essential businesses that are needed to continue to treat people, especially those suffering from COVID-19. During this pandemic, they need to evolve in their methods […]

New Logistics Industry Trends to Adapt to a Post-COVID World

The logistics industry is full of essential businesses and workers that need to keep operating during this time of pandemic. Goods need to be manufactured, transported, and delivered to their […]

Social Distancing Measures For Reopening Restaurants After COVID-19

As states begin to reopen after COVID-19, more and more restaurants will be able to open their doors again. As you’re beginning that process, however, it’s important to maintain thorough […]

Beat the Competition with 8 Ways to Improve Customer Service

Businesses are in an increasingly competitive market where even the slightest edge can result in growth and success. Alternatively, lacking that edge can leave your business trailing behind and scrambling […]

How a Queuing System Stops Long Lines from Disrupting the Customer Experience

Find out how a queuing system is empowering enterprises across industries to cut long physical queues out of the customer experience.

The What, Why, and How of a Customer Journey Platform

Find out how a customer journey platform can be an important differentiator in the customer experience, and learn the crucial defining aspects of a positive and negative customer journey.

Line Management System Installation From Start to Finish

The QLess line management system is easy to install and can be used on all major browsers. This software also does not require any hardware. It’s also simple for your […]

Investing in a Self Service Kiosk Machine Could be the Push Your Business Needs

If you want to better your business and become a major player in your field, a kiosk machine could be just the push your business needs. At QLess, we’re committed to […]

College Queue Management to Benefit Across University Departments

Navigating the college scene is complicated, from admissions to advising, financial aid, and even gathering the right supplies and textbooks. Students are suddenly thrown into adulthood where they need to: […]

Great Customer Service and an SMS Queue Management Systems for Busy Seasons

Many businesses have busy seasons. Owners and employees can dread the overwhelming volume, customer agitation with lines and wait times, and stress that comes along with it. From flu season […]

Explore Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail

The quality of customer service can deeply impact profits and company reputation. But good customer service is more than just a smile and a friendly tone. The process of serving […]

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