Free Your Retail Customers from Waiting in A Queue

As a customer yourself, have you ever walked into a store, seen dozens of people waiting in a queue, and immediately walked right back out? Even the sight of a long line can turn your customers away from purchasing items in your store. Time is a precious thing when you have a full schedule, and not everyone has hours to spend shopping. The solution is modern technology that disperses lines and reduces this disadvantage of shopping in-store. QLess’ queue management app keeps customers from waiting in a queue, when they could be continuing to shop.

How QLess Works in Retail

The QLess app utilizes software that works with all major web browsers and your customers’ cell phones. There is no hardware required, though some stores may choose to use additional kiosks and tablets for their customers’ convenience. When a customer decides to shop at your store, they can join the virtual queue for check-out or other services by using the company’s website, an app on their phone, or onsite kiosks. To further reduce the disadvantages of shopping in-store, the system sends text or voice message alerts directly to their cell phones, letting them know their place in line. It even asks if they need more time. Instead of starting them at the back of the line when additional time is requested, it simply pushes them back a little bit in the waiting queue. When it’s their turn for service, the app directs them to the correct location.

We Serve Many Retail Businesses

An app that cuts out waiting in a queue can be applied to so many different types of retail businesses. From high volume service stores like cell phone companies, print and copy centers, electronics stores, big-box grocery stores, and beauty salons, to more specialized stores like jewelers, car dealerships, shooting ranges, and high-end clothing and shoe stores, QLess can easily manage large queues and schedule appointments. Some of our best business success stories with the QLess system are based in retail settings. If your business frequently has customers waiting in a queue, QLess can help reduce this disadvantage of shopping in-store.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

retail shopping without waiting in line

When your customers are happy, they return to your store and tell others about their positive experiences. This gives your business a huge edge over the competition with good online reviews and word-of-mouth exposure to new potential customers. When you use the QLess app, it’s easy for business owners to see an increase in customer satisfaction using surveys that are sent to customers’ cell phones directly after service is completed. These surveys gain a much higher completion rate than those distributed by email or mail.

Aside from collecting this customer feedback, the app lets you record other pertinent metrics and data that can be used to improve operations and create custom-tailored promotions. These features also let you send notifications about current promos to your customers who are virtually waiting in a queue while they continue shopping.

To learn more about the features and benefits of the QLess app for retail businesses, contact us today. We would be happy to set up a free business demo for you and your team.