How to Improve Queue Service Post-COVID for Stellar Customer Service

Like it or not, the global COVID pandemic has changed the way we conduct business in ways that will probably last far into the future. People have become far more conscientious about the potential for spreading a contagious and dangerous virus and have adjusted their behavior accordingly. In the same way, businesses are finding new and innovative ways to promote social distancing and hands-off shopping experiences. For a wide range of industries that offer services with a queue, daily operations will need to change if they're going to continue to offer stellar customer service. Slapping 6-foot spacing stickers on the floor in queue areas was a temporary solution for COVID, but queue management is the permanent solution that offers multiple ways to enhance the customer experience. Here's how to get started!

1. Implement Queue Management Technology
2. Set Up Onsite Kiosks
3. Advertise Your New Queue Service App
4. Collect Customer Feedback
5. Make Adjustments to Operations
6. Customize Promotions

Implement Queue Management Solutions

Your first step is to contact a QLess representative to get a free demo and a full explanation of how queue management works. They'll explain the particulars for your industry, let you know how others in the same boat have adjusted, and show you all the benefits, from customer experience to the back-end features for staff and management. The QLess queue service app is quick and easy to set up and simple to use. In as little as two hours, your staff will be fully trained on the technology and be able to use their real-time dashboards to start managing virtual customer queues. The QLess team will continue to assist you when needed for as long as you continue to use the software. Once you start using QLess technology, you'll see how your customers love it, and you'll also enjoy all the data capture that will help improve your business processes.

A tablet sitting on a table next to a plant that houses a queue management solution

Set Up On-Site Kiosks

While no hardware is required for the QLess queue management solution, you can opt to provide your customers with on-site kiosks, usually in the form of tablets. These stations will make the transition to queue management easier if they aren't familiar with the app. Customers can walk up to the kiosk, enter their information to join the virtual queue, and start receiving notifications on their cell phones about their place in line. From there, your customers are free to wait anywhere until it's their turn for service. This freedom gives back their time, promotes social distancing, and offers excellent customer service.

Sale sign in a shop that is releasing a new launch using one of Qless' queue management solutions

Advertise Your New Queue Management App

As we mentioned, letting customers break free of physical lines with our queue management app helps keep your customers healthier and happier. Advertising this benefit will help draw in the customers who want the convenience that a post-COVID world demands. Today, we are witnessing the development of all sorts of updated customer service options, like grocery delivery and other wait-in-your-vehicle services. Getting your name out there as an innovative company that meets these new queue service demands is key to getting a leg up on the competition.

Person using a cell phone

Collect Customer Feedback

When implementing new technology in your business, it's important to collect feedback to see the results. The QLess queue service app makes this easier than ever with the option to send customer satisfaction surveys straight to customers' cell phones after service is conducted. Cell phone notification surveys receive a much higher rate of completion than similar surveys that are sent by email. You'll easily be able to gauge whether your customer service is stellar or if it needs work. And once you get started with QLess, you're sure to see an increase in positive online reviews for your company. Growing your positive reviews is an important step to creating a respected brand name.

Person typing on a laptop with metrics on the screen pulled from a queue management solution

Make Adjustments to Operations

The customer feedback that you collect can be downloaded in easy-to-read graphs and reports that you and your team can use to fine-tune your business operations. This information, along with other data and metrics that the QLess' queue management solution collects, like service types and durations, insights on customer habits, outcomes, no-show rates, and more, will help you identify areas of weakness that need to be addressed. You'll be able to reduce customer complaints and boost staff productivity. You can even use the information to create incentive programs that encourage employees to provide your customers with stellar service.

Discount signs posted above clothing in a store that is using queue management solutions for its upcoming sale

Customize Promotions and Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Your customer feedback and insights on customer habits can also be used to create tailored promotions for shoppers and clients. Discover what goods and services are most popular so you can run sales, buy-one-get-one promos, and do giveaways that interest people. Sales that attract your current customers will also draw in new clientele, and in a post-COVID world, this is important to keep your business afloat in tough times. QLess' queue management solutions also give you the option to advertise your promos directly to customers' cell phones at any time. Customer cell numbers are collected and stored to give you an ever-growing marketing list.

The Takeaway: Queue Management Solutions Create Stellar Customer Experiences

The COVID pandemic forced many businesses to shut their doors forever, but everyone wants t0 reduce waiting time in service operations management. In post-COVID times, the struggle to survive is very real for many businesses. Implementing new queue management technology is one way to promote social distancing while offering the stellar experience your customers have come to expect. COVID has propelled us into the future, and these new methods for conducting business are likely to remain in place for years to come. Don't let your business be held back by old processes while your competitors pass you by.

Get started with one of QLess' queue management solutions today by requesting a free business demo.