Campus Management Solution Allows Your University to Run Effortlessly

Stress is already at the mind of students around the world. Why should universities add on to that pressure. QLess campus management solution is used to increase student satisfaction and improve the campus experience. QLess offers additional valuable benefits such as:

Read on to learn the key features that QLess uses to help seamlessly aide the reduction of stress.

Nobody Likes a Complainer

With the QLess campus management solution, students can join the line from anywhere with their mobile app and don't have to wait as they receive real-time updates on their wait times. This status notification application also allows them to be in control of their time and free up staff time to provide better student services. This way, students can spend their time doing more valuable things than wasting hours in line. With QLess, your university can increase the student satisfaction rate up to 75%. Additionally, QLess allows students to provide feedback via text message surveys to help improve services.

Improving satisfaction and wait times are just the cornerstone of providing excellent services. QLess also found that students who are most likely to have their needs met are less likely to drop out. By improving the student services, QLess campus management solution is able to help increase student retention by 50%

Improved Services

QLess campus management solution can help universities increase retention rates

At Broward College in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, faced long lines and lengthy waits during peak times of class registration, financial aid applications, and request for academic advising and tutoring. The 67,000 student body placed enormous pressure on staff and facility as lines would be out of the building at times. South Campus President, Dr. Rolando García looked into investing with the QLess campus management solution.

Using QLess, Dr. García improved Broward College's campus experience for students. Instead of waiting in long lines, they can now register for appointments through on-site kiosks or with the help of student affairs staff using tablets. In a short period of time, Dr. García was able to lead the college-wide implementation of QLess campus management solution technology throughout three main campuses.

Head in the Clouds

QLess is a web-based campus management solution that doesn't require any hardware or downloads. This software is seamless while helping save time and money. In addition, the administrative backend allows access to some unique features such as:

No Need to Repeat History

With remote check-ins, the campus management solution reduces on-site wait times by up to 97%. In addition, the FlexAppointment system eliminates scheduling gaps if students choose to cancel, helping staff streamline services for the next appointment. Sign up to request one of the many QLess demos, webinars, ebooks, or read case studies to learn more about how they can help your university and students succeed.

School Spirit

One of the unique features about the QLess campus management solution is that it allows students to provide feedback using SMS surveys on how to improve services. Additionally, QLess has found with past positive experiences in education, students will extend their reach and share their experiences online. These positive experiences can help foster a community within the school and enhance the school's reputation.

QLess helps universities manage the ever growing student body year to year. With QLess services, make sure you can provide the most you can with your resources and maintain those increasing numbers without stress on staff or students. Additionally, QLess campus management solution can help reduce your operational costs using data to improve workflow.

Time to Make a Difference

Group of Happy Students

In a case study with the client Valdosta State University (VSU), QLess was able to:

QLess was deployed at VSU to manage appointments for students to meet with Financial Aid staff. Frustration began with very long wait times and students having to wait in the lobby and out the door for hours to get their loan, scholarship, and/or grant questions answered.

With the effective QLess campus management solution technology, VSU was able to increase student satisfaction and increase student retention rates. Students are able to conveniently schedule any Financial Aid appointments through their mobile phone, computer, or at an on-site kiosk. Any changes or updates, students are updated with text and voice message, while giving them the option to reschedule and not lose their place in the virtual queue.

There's No Time Like Staff Time

Since university staff will no longer have to monitor long lines with QLess, their attention and workload will shift to focus on student needs. QLess provides a dashboard feature through the campus management solution application.

The dashboard gives access to daily statistics so that university staff are able to better manage workflow and improve staff productivity. Students are able to observe:

Staff are alos able to be notified when wait and appointment times are above average.

It's All Digital

There is no hardware, download, or servers necessary for our campus management solution application. Students just need to have an iOS or Android device for support. In addition, there are on-site kiosks that allow students to check-in for their appointments. With the app, students get real-time wait information; they get regular updates and notifications as they move in the queue. For more convenience, students can also request more time, view their status, or cancel their appointment.

No Excuse on a Rainy Day

At South Seattle College, QLess campus management solution was used at the Center for International Education. These appointments are used for:

In 2014, South Seattle College took initiative over controlling the 700 students spilling out from the tiny office into the halls. Wanting to have the students spend time in their studies and engage in their new community, South Seattle College used QLess. The solutions allowed students to sign up virtually via the internet. The college saw a 49% increase in staff production as well as allowing the department to expand its programs. Due to such positivity with QLess's campus management solution, other departments around the college began adopting the successful application program.

Graduate with Honors

Using campus management solution help your students be successful

Help make the student experience a more pleasant one. QLess focuses on making sure students are updated with any campus appointments that are crucial for their success. With the campus management solution, QLess can also use statistics through the dashboard function that collects feedback and analysis to improve your services.

By using the best resources, we can help improve student services and better manage your administration. Read or sign up to access the many resources such as webinars, eBooks, events, and whitepapers. Learn why our campus management solution is the best way to run your university successfully and instantly increase your student satisfaction by 20%.