How to Modernize Appointment Scheduling With Animal Shelter Software

Many businesses have turned to new technologies to modernize the appointment scheduling process. New animal shelter software makes it easy for staff and customers to book and manage appointments to view and meet the pets at local rescues. Walk-ins can interrupt and slow down the work that pet shelter staff need to accomplish every day, but scheduled appointments can keep the flow moving so every pet gets the attention they need. Here's how to get started with QLess appointment scheduling software.1.Update Your Website and App2.Train Employees3.Advertise4.Analyze the Data

Update Your Website and App

As a part of the implementation process, the QLess team will work with you to fully integrate the animal shelter software into your website and app for a modernized approach to making appointments. The software is completely branded with your business name and logos. Once in place, customers will be able to log in to the website or app to book their appointment time. The animal shelter management system sends mobile confirmations and appointment reminders to reduce no-show rates.

A woman coaches employees

Train Employees

On average, it only takes about two hours for the QLess team to train your employees on how to use our animal shelter software. Your employees will have access to a real-time dashboard where they can manage appointments, see notes on the reason for the appointment, and send direct communications to the clients. For example, suppose one of the shelter animals needs to receive medical attention. A staff member can quickly notify the upcoming appointment holders of the delay that will ensue. With less time needed to deal with walk-ins and scheduling phone calls, your staff will have more time to focus on shelter operations and to attend to the resident pets.


Advertising your new software solution is a great way to let potential clients know that you've modernized appointment scheduling for their convenience. Post about it on your social media channels, call attention to it on your website, send notifications to your email list, and anything else you can to get the word out. Your pets need a forever home, and QLess animal shelter software can help get the job done by bringing in the customers.

A computer screen showing data and graphs

Analyze the Data

QLess animal shelter software collects important data and metrics from appointments like info on customer habits, appointment types and lengths, customer satisfaction surveys, and more. To increase the success of your animal shelter, you'll need to analyze the data and make adjustments to your business operations. Customer feedback is an important tool to field suggestions for improvements.Get started today with QLess appointment scheduling software by requesting a free demo of the product. We'll show you how it works and give you all the details about the benefits and features that will help bring your business into the future of appointment scheduling.