Improve the Customer Journey with a Queuing Line App

Whenever we enter a business, be it anything from a coffee shop to a doctor's office, we all want pretty much the same thing: the goods or services we came for, given to us quickly and with a positive attitude. Unfortunately, you don't need a team of experts to tell you that countless outlets fall short of this mark. The customer journey through your front doors, up to the checkout line and out again is a vital part of any businesses' success, so why do so many neglect this vital experience?

Fortunately for business owners and customers alike, it doesn't have to be that way. Thanks to apps like QLess, the shopping experience can be as pleasant and efficient for your patrons as having them pick a valued object off a shelf in their own home. Today we'll be going over just a few ways our app can help the customer journey become not just tolerable, but turn it into a downright pleasurable experience.

Saving the Customer Time

If there's one thing a customer won't stand for (besides the obvious things like outright verbal abuse), it's having their time wasted. Many businesses unintentionally keep their patrons at arm's length by having their queuing line stay so clogged that many potential customers simply won't stick around for the goods or services they came for. Look no further than this Spanish telecoms company: even though they provided a service that their patrons not only desired but required, the customer journey was so arduous for many of them that lots of potential clients simply left and never came back.Thankfully, with the help of QLess, this venerable company was able to turn their situation around in record time, seeing astonishingly high upticks in customer retention and satisfaction within a few months of implementing our app. The lesson here? Never underestimate your client's desire to get what they came for, but fast!

Employee Efficiency

There's nothing worse for a hard-working and diligent employee than a customer management system that won't work with them as well as they work with their clients. The customer journey is a cyclical system: if the client feels that their time is being wasted, it puts your employees under further pressure, which can lead to more errors and slower service in a grueling rinse-and-repeat experience. Even the best employees can make errors and fall prey to inefficiency if they don't have the right tools to work with.Luckily, the customer journey can be greatly improved with our queuing line app, and when that improves the employee experience does as well. This family hair salon in the American South saw a massive increase in business once they ditched their sign-in sheets and started using QLess for scheduling needs. Their employees were able to move customers with increased efficiency, making a more satisfying customer journey.

Saving You Money

It's not just a matter of improving everyone's attitude: keeping your line on the move also helps your company cut down on wasted expenses. The numbers here don't lie: businesses can lose out on as much as 50% of their potential profits if customers leave or stay away en masse thanks to cumbersome lines and wait times. And when a bad customer journey results in lost profits, that means you're also losing money by extension on operations.When you use QLess, you can use resources that otherwise would have gone to waste on no-show customers on the patrons that are there. When a satisfactory customer journey is a sure thing, you'll find a whole new wealth of resources to use on the parts of your business that matter most. And since our queuing line app is proprietary software that requires no installs or paid upgrades, you're guaranteed to get the same value out of it years down the road.


Assure Customer Satisfaction

QLess isn't just great for your patrons' immediate in-store experience: it can do a world of good for the customer journey before they even set foot through your doors. Taking care of customers who make previous arrangements lets them know you care about the people who are putting the most energy into using your services and making sure your other clients aren't lost in the shuffle makes an appealing customer journey for anyone who decides to spend their time and money with you.

And while it might not be the first demographic you think of when the word "customers" pop to mind, QLess can be a lot of help for dealing with logistical personnel as well. Taking care of the warehouse workers and truck drivers who handle your product directly means that your products will get out quicker and in better shape than they would otherwise. The backend is an underrated but very important part of the customer journey, and helping warehouse laborers and others do their jobs more easily thanks to our queuing line app is a big part of making sure that the voyage goes off smoothly.

The Bottom Line

Getting your customers from Point A to Point B in an efficient and satisfactory matter is going to be the bread and butter of your day-day-day income. QLess is an affordable, straightforward way to make the customer journey easy for the people who make your business what it is, and it requires virtually no installation or upkeep. QLess keeps your patrons happy and lets your employees do their job with greater ease and even helps the people who supply your goods and services stay organized in their dealings with you.You don't have to take our word for it, either: studies have proven that QLess improves the customer and employee experience by leaps and bounds. An efficient customer journey is synonymous with an enjoyable one for many consumers, and our queuing line app has been shown to make the consumer experience speedier and easier than ever before. Take into account the ripple effect customer positivity has on workplace efficiency and your own bottom line, and you have a service you literally can't afford to miss out on.

Why the World's Best Brands Love QLess

Across industries of all kinds, from retail outlets to government offices, QLess has proven to be an undeniable success when it comes to making the customer journey smoother and more direct than ever before. And the good news doesn't stop there: now you can see what makes QLess so special from firsthand experience when you sign up for a free demo of our app. Get in touch with us now if you'd like to use our service in your own place of business with absolutely no financial obligation.For more up to the minute information about the intersections between the customer journey and consumer technology, follow our blog for posts just like this one and never miss out on something you need to know again. To check out some of our webinars and learn more about what QLess can do for you, take a look through our resource page. And for the best experience with a queuing line app that modern technology can provide, stick with QLess and watch your business thrive like never before.