Web-Based Appointment Scheduling Software System

Every business has a way of organizing its income and the order that its customers are served in, but not all of these systems are created equal. Whether it's a clunky filing cabinet, a time card machine that hasn't been changed since the mid-'80s, or a point-of-sale system that just can't keep up with the foot traffic, an appointment system that isn't streamlined and easy to use can be just as much of an impediment to your company's growth as any of the aforementioned relics of business past. When the apparatuses that make up your store are outdated and hard to use, everything from your employees' morale to your personal bottom line suffers as a result.

Thankfully, we're living in the 21st century, and many of these problems can be condensed and solved by implementing the latest technology. We'll show you today how our QLess appointment system can make your life easier, and push your books further into the black. If you've never considered that web based appointment scheduling software might be the key to turning your company's fortunes around, you'll definitely be left with something to think about by the time you scroll to the bottom of this page.

#1 Encouraging Customer Confidence

One of the bedrocks of good service is making sure everyone who comes in feels like they're the first priority. When customers know they can visit your business and expect a certain level of timely service, that increases their belief that they can spend with confidence, too. Take the Salt Lake City location of Johnstone Supply as an example of this: their store proved to be such a sprawl that interested customers would refrain from browsing their stock for fear of losing their place in line, or getting to the checkout queue too late to have a quick transaction. Johnstone Supply began using QLess to make sure its customers' place in line was always secure no matter where in the store they happened to be and saw the amount of browsing and purchasing go up significantly. An appointment system isn't necessarily just for scheduling transactions and services days or weeks ahead of time: it can also work for the patrons that are in your business right here, right now.

#2: Appointment System for Employees

Without reliable web-based appointment scheduling software, an up to date point of sale system, or other resources in your workers' tool kit to help them do their jobs, it can easily lead to frustration and avoidable errors among even your most diligent employees. Just like how you wouldn't want to build a shed with the aid of a rusty hammer, keeping track of customers with an out of date appointment system can make life a lot more difficult than it needs to be for workers and consumers alike. When your employees can do their work with ease and efficiency, this leads to a better experience for the customer as well...and happy customers means greater profit. Studies of our software have proven that implementing QLess increases staff productivity and satisfaction by as much as 90%. If your employees are struggling to keep up with their workload, they may not be shiftless or inexperienced; they might just need a better appointment system to help them make the most of their natural talents.


#3 Decreasing Waste

It goes without saying that companies want to avoid waste, but waste comes in many forms, and it can't always be boiled down simply to product that goes bad or sits gathering dust on your shelves. It's possible to waste money on employees that don't provide useful in-the-moment services, waste energy keeping lights and heating on for the benefit of customers that aren't showing up, and even waste time with inefficient shipping and handling on your storage backend. A good appointment system can make a big dent in all the ways your resources can be misused. Our web-based appointment scheduling software proved to be such a good waste reducer for the Antwerp Gateway container terminal that they were able to completely eliminate their reliance on truck lines for their shipping. Trucks idling for their turn to take their assigned shipments to their destinations created massive traffic congestion as well as an appalling waste of gas and wages for workers who were literally sitting around doing nothing. But thanks to our appointment system, these drivers were able to make their deliveries only when summoned via QLess, and ended up improving profits, morale, and environmental health to boot.

#4 Positive Word-of-Mouth

Much of the time, an expensive advertising campaign won't net you half as many new customers as will the customers you already have simply saying nice things about what you have to offer. Without an appointment system that guarantees a smooth transition for the customer's journey from Point A to Point B, you may not be getting all the kudos you could be from the people whose income you require to keep your doors open. QLess itself is a fantastic example of how making people happy can keep your cash flow healthy. Our web-based appointment scheduling software has been such a hit among the customers and businesses that have used it that even the press has gotten in on the news with a lot of positive coverage. Our appointment system thrives on the great things our valued customers have to say about us, and implementing it in your own place of work is sure to garner rave reviews from patrons that are forced to deal with cumbersome wait times at the other places they choose to shop at throughout their day. Flattery will get you everywhere if the positive gossip happens to be completely true, and QLess garners nothing but compliments from those who have tried it out.


What This Means for You

We've proven that our appointment system makes a good choice for a huge variety of outlets and service providers that want to take their efficiency and profit margins to the next level. Your business may very well find itself among their numbers. Whether you're a mom and pop retail store just trying to beat out the competition or a place of higher education with very specific goals for your students and employees, QLess can reduce stress and increase usable income every step of the way. Our software makes life easier for customers, middle management, the heads at corporate, and everyone in between. To see if our appointment system is right for you, request a free demo and try QLess for a set period of time with absolutely no financial obligation. Dozens of businesses have seen morale and money earned improve thanks to their use of our web-based appointment scheduling software, and you can join them when you sign up for our trial run today. There's no sense in missing out on a competitive edge at no cost, so get in touch with us about this great offer today.

Where to Go Next

If a free demo and a handful of successful case studies doesn't convince you that our appointment system is worth trying, you're in luck: further resources await! Our whitepapers provide hard facts and numbers about the benefits of our software. We also publish a consistently updated blog with entries just like this one that will keep you in the loop about everything developing in the world of QLess. Learn more about QLess' investors and board of directors on our About Page to see whose hands you're putting your business in. We're always ready to accept questions, comments, concerns, or ideas you may have regarding our innovative appointment system. If there's something we didn't cover over the course of this piece, feel free to let us know and make your voice heard. Not every business infrastructure is created equally, so see what puts us over the top and make QLess your web-based appointment scheduling software of choice today.