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Pandemic Communications

Airport communicators have relied on new ideas and technology to effectively communicate safety messages to the traveling public.


Bring Your Citizens In From the Cold With Touchless Queueing

Rather than having people wait in a physical line for services, agencies need to allow customers to “get in line” from anywhere and arrive for their appointment when notified via


Office Depot Finds Success Two Ways with Virtual Queues

Office Depot first announced its partnership with Qless one year ago in September 2019, rolling out virtual line management to over 600 stores throughout the U.S. Qless works like this:


Qless Partners With Colleges to Support Social Distancing

Pasadena-based software company Qless will be supplying its proprietary Qless customer interaction management (CIM) tool to six schools, including Augusta University in Georgia, The New School in New York, and


Treasurer's Office to feature queue system

The Treasurer’s Office, located in suite 103 of the administration building, will implement a new queueing system designed to efficiently serve residents with their transactions, County Treasurer Jennie Fyock said.


Central Carolina Technical College brings employees back

Central Carolina Technical College will continue to bring employees and eventually students back to campus using a three-stage phased approach for safety purposes. Phase one began in late May when a

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