Industries Best Served by Online Appointment Scheduling

Let QLess serve your community through online appointment scheduling. This user-friendly software implements necessary changes to improve customer relations. Some of QLess's important service industries include:

Taking Off: Handling the Airport Industry

In government, QLess's online appointment software eliminates long wait times for industries such as airports. In one report, QLess was successfully able to void wait for security badging services while making sure that employees still had thorough evaluations in order to access restricted and controlled areas. The goal was to help the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) create a more structured environment and streamline operations for thousands of staff serviced through the Badging Office; this included employees who work for airlines, government entities, airport tenants, vendors, and contractors. When daily wait times exceeded several hours, QLess entered to help better manage customer flow. QLess implemented an online appointment scheduling system at MSP, allowing customers to sign up for same-day badge services or make future appointments. Customers could choose to sign up via:

Employees at MSP were granted flexibility while being able to wait their turn in the virtual queue allowing employees to plan for future appointments, perform their job, or attend to other matters while waiting their turn for badging services.

Keep it Short: Invest in QLess

Travel Lines

Going to the salon sometimes can seem like such a chore. For Pigtails & Crewcuts in Charlotte, North Carolina, checking customers in manually led to overcrowding and confusion for staff who'd have to locate and retrieve patrons. With QLess's customizable online appointment software, there was an immediate improvement of streamlining services. In addition to increasing profits and staff efficiency, after one month with QLess's online appointment scheduling, Pigtails & Crewcuts beat the national record for haircuts in a single day.

Large Caliber Impact: Shooting for Less Wait

At a shooting range in Chicago, QLess was able to raise a retail company's profits by 50%. Maxon Shooter's Supplies and Indoor Range needed a modern edge to create a better visitor experience. Maxon wanted to use QLess's online appointment scheduling technology to eliminate lines of people waiting to shoot in addition to completing paperwork before renting or buying equipment for shooting sessions.

To help business grow, the company needed to find a way to aide the queues for frustrated customers. Company owner Dan Eldridge, experienced first-hand the QLess online appointment scheduling system while waiting at a tire shop. One month later, Maxon implemented the virtual queue allowing customers to receive a text notification when it's their time for the range without losing their place in line. After one year of the QLess online appointment software, Maxon was able to create a more satisfying experience at the range, reduce crowding, and improve service flow.

School House Rock: Continuing Education

In Australia, QLess online appointment scheduling was able to revamp long campus lines and improve the student experience by freeing up space and staff time. With a student body of more than 37,000, the university needed to provide a simple and efficient way to access student services; prior, students would wait in line between classes or on their days off causing a lot of frustration from the student body.

The QLess solution was to introduce user-friendly mobile technology through its online appointment software. The university partnered with Hague Australia and it became an instant success with only three weeks for a soft launch before fully implementing the program. The QLess online scheduling software allowed students to join a virtual queue and receive text messages with their projected wait time. In the end, QLess improved:

Within three weeks, QLess's online appointment scheduling eliminated more than 2,812 hours of physical wait time.

A Goal of Victory: Navigating through Events

Sporting Event

Hardcore sports fans know the pain of waiting in line. Fans will wait on average three or four hours to wait in line to have their picture with the Stanley Cup according to FISH Technologies. FISH provides data systems that power large events and cut long queues for fans at hockey and football league events, for fan days, tens of thousands of people show up to have their photo taken with athletes and trophies. Fan events can be hectic and include:

These interactions are important to everyone, FISH needed a way to enhance the fan experience to end long lines. At these large sports events, sponsors and vendors invest a lot in the experience. The QLess platform helps vendors make a profitable return on investment by ensuring that more fans are able to circulate than spend hours in queues. QLess's online appointment scheduling turned those hours of wait into a few minutes.

A License to Not Wait Forever: Reducing Stress

Citizen Satisfaction

Anyone who has been to the DMV knows the stress and irritation of waiting in lines, whether you're applying for or renewing licenses and registrations. QLess was able to double citizen satisfaction, boost staff productivity and morale, increase the number of citizens served by 50%, and decrease the number of no-shows by 35%. QLess's online appointment scheduling encourages citizens to join a virtual line via a mobile device, the DMV website, or at an on-site kiosk and then are notified by real-time text. When it's their turn, citizens can request more time if they're running late or reschedule to come back later.

No More Standing, Waiting, or Hanging Around

QLess is a software that eliminates waiting in line. With online appointment scheduling, customers can join a virtual queue through a company's website, mobile device, or other web-based options. Customers then receive real-time notifications updating their appointment and wait time. Benefits of the virtual manager include:

Let's Not Be Vein: Improving Your Health

What's worse than waiting in the doctor's office when you feel miserable and would rather be at home in bed? QLess's online appointment software revolutionized the wait for one Urgent Care center in Arizona. In 90 days, QLess launched a pilot program with the facility for a virtual check-in. Now, the virtual check-in manages 102,000 visits per year!

Patients can get in line on the clinic's web or mobile site. QLess online appointment scheduling alerts them by text 15 minutes in advance of their appointment; on the other hand, staff at the urgent care can monitor and manage the real-time virtual queues and notify patients of delays to control expectations and reduce frustration. QLess provides the urgent care with analytics across multiple clinics featuring data about each patient's experience, as well as staff productivity. This results in a 20% increase in patient satisfaction with wait times less than 30 minutes (prior, the wait was 1-3 hours).

Chemical Reaction: Keeping it Positive

Problem: a global chemical company needs to expedite getting drivers on the road; however, there are a lot of regulations and concerns. Using an online appointment scheduling program can help them overcome these concerns:

Drivers must complete multiple forms before leaving the premises. This causes long waits versus having the drivers out on the road, and a mess of paperwork. QLess was able to use their online appointment software to use a kiosk to process driver credentials; in the end, the company saved wait time and lowered its vehicle maintenance and operational costs (over $7 million annually). In addition, QLess online appointment scheduling was able to improve the company's processing times by 46% and increase the employee satisfaction rankings. The company also gained insight into how to correct operational obstacles and inefficiencies with analytics they can access from QLess.

X-Ray of Hand

When Less is More

In addition to serving government, healthcare, and education industries, QLess also provides online appointment scheduling to car dealerships, call centers, theme parks, and casinos. QLess strives to help industries large or small succeed and provide optimal visitor experience, we're proven to successfully increase customer satisfaction up to 99%.

Additionally, QLess works with companies to pinpoint any error for losses in revenue and/or productivity. QLess helps ensure that employees are doing meaningful work to help your business do the most it can; for example, save your logistics company millions in operational costs.

Be Free from Worry

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