Investing in a Self Service Kiosk Machine Could be the Push Your Business Needs

If you want to better your business and become a major player in your field, a kiosk machine could be just the push your business needs. At QLess, we're committed to providing our clients with the best in queue management, and that includes kiosks. Dropping customer wait time, increasing profits, and decreasing errors are just some of the benefits we can bring to your business. Kiosks are relatively new to the world of business; after all, the first kiosk was only invented in 1977.

Even in its infancy, this technology has been revolutionary, providing users with information, check-in points, directions, and so much more. From eliminating long queues to minimizing tedious work, the automation self-service kiosk machines provide helps customers and employees of your business.

Think a kiosk may be the next move for you? Read below to learn more details about how QLess can help your business reach its fullest potential.

Who a Kiosk Helps

A kiosk machine is an adaptable and diverse technology that helps both customers and employees, but how?


A kiosk benefits customers on multiple levels. Wait time, convenience, and user experience are all areas of business that customers will notice improvements in. A kiosk also provides customers more control over their experience, providing an opportunity to share more in-depth information. Whether they're standing in line at the DMV or setting up their next appointment at a doctor's office, a kiosk is a great fit for your business.


Think kiosk machines only benefit customers? Think again. A kiosk and queue management from QLess can also help your employees. A kiosk cuts down on work for employees and improves efficiency. They also provide more information to your employees about customers, so they are able to provide efficient and effective customer service.

What a Kiosk Does

Kiosk machines benefit multiple industries like government, higher education, healthcare, retail, and logistics--all fields QLess serves. But a kiosk can provide more than decreased wait time. They can allow customers to make payments, place orders, get directions, and even provide internet access. Self-service kiosks are diverse and helpful machines that improve your business' customer service and engagement, boosting your image while increasing functional capacity.

Why a Kiosk Works

Studies show people hate waiting in line. In fact, there's a whole field of study devoted to the psychology of waiting in line. So, investing in a kiosk machine is a smart move if you find increasingly long lines, disgruntled customers, and overworked employees at your business. Kiosks not only enhance the experience, they also boost your image. Seeing up-to-date technology shows that you care about customers, stay relevant, and are committed to efficiency.

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Ready to Make the Move?

People-focused companies benefit greatly from kiosk machines, making your business more accessible while cutting down on wait time--something we at QLess seek to do everyday. So, join in the effort to eliminate lines and bring a kiosk into your business.