Need an Electronic Queuing System for Your Government Office? Try QLess

Government agencies are not traditionally known for speedy service. You can change that with an electronic queue management solution from QLess. QLess solutions for government can help you reduce wait times, reduce costs, use technology to create seamless communication between staff and citizens, improve staff conditions, update operational processes, and much more.

That's because our queuing system for government is about much more than simply minimizing wait times--it's about giving you the tools you need to best serve local citizens. Keep reading to learn what a queue management system can do for your government agency.

Reduce Wait Times

Ask any citizen about the most frustrating aspect of interacting with local government agencies and they'll most likely talk to you about wait times. In fact, the DMV has become practically synonymous with frustrating waiting. The QLess queueing system for government offices can help you drastically reduce wait times and increase overall satisfaction.

Our virtual queue software can help reduce the number of people physically waiting in line by up to 35%. This means employees can focus on their tasks and won't waste time managing traffic or directing citizens to the right location.

Reduce Costs

In government, it is critical to balance the goals of providing better service to citizens with the realities of tight government budgets. The QLess queueing system for government can help you reduce costs through improved resource allocation and providing cloud-based solutions that don't require steep IT costs or server upgrades.

Because our service helps eliminate no-shows, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction, you can serve more citizens more quickly with better results--all while saving taxpayer dollars.

Eliminate Uncertainty

One of the key benefits of using an electronic queue management system is that it helps eliminate client uncertainty. In many government offices, when citizens arrive they have no idea how long the wait will be or even what line they should be in. The QLess queuing system for government offices eliminates this uncertainty by delivering accurate wait times and timely updates.

When citizens know how long of a wait to expect they are able to relax knowing their issue will be taken care of in a timely manner. Eliminating uncertainty and the frustration of long waits helps increase customer satisfaction.

Give Citizens Options

Typically, citizens have one option for getting into line--they show up and stand. With QLess electronic queue management, citizens can check into line via voice message, text message, online, through the app, at an on-site kiosk, or even in person.

With so many options available, every citizen can easily get in line using a method they're comfortable with. What's more, the QLess check-in system allows you to track and manage every citizen regardless of how they check-in.

Virtual Check-In


The QLess system leverages technology to create a streamlined experience for the citizens you serve. The virtual check-in option means citizens can "get in line" even when they're not physically in the building. This not only frees them up to accomplish other things while they're waiting, but it also minimizes the number of people in the waiting areas--giving your government office a more pleasant environment for those that are there.

Streamline Documentation

A common complaint about waiting in government offices is the lack of direction and preparation. Do you have all the forms you need? Do you need specific documentation? Do you need signatures? Many times, citizens will wait in long lines only to find they don't have the right paperwork or documents.

The QLess queueing system for your government office can help you properly prepare citizens for the task at hand. Check-in kiosks can be programmed to provide documents, permits, and other paperwork. When citizens arrive with the proper paperwork, it reduces processing time, speeds up other actions, and increases efficiency across the board.

Streamline Communication

Another common complaint about government offices is that there is typically no one for citizens to communicate with. The QLess queueing system for government offices changes that. Waiting citizens can engage bi-directional communication with members of your staff through our app, through text, and even through kiosks and monitors.

What's more, citizens can request extra time in line if they aren't able to make their appointment, they can request status updates on wait times, and they can even get out of line if something comes up.

Learn From Every Transaction


If you're not using an electronic queue management system you're missing out on valuable data and analytics. The QLess system gives you access to tracking and reporting data that allows you to gain an overview of how your office or offices are working. You can identify aspects that work and allocate more resources to those areas that aren't.

What's more, our reporting information provides in-depth analysis of citizen behavior and patterns, enabling you to modify your service to better meet the needs of your citizens.

Improve Long-Term Communication

Many government services are repetitive. Automation, virtual queues, data reporting, and other benefits of our queue management software enable you to create focused campaigns to speed up renewals and other repetitive services. Appointment scheduling solutions and other interactive elements enable your government office to improve overall government efficiency and relations with citizens.

Improve Staff Conditions

Our electronic queue management system isn't just beneficial for your constituents--it's also good for your staff. It can be incredibly draining to work with a frustrated and angry customer base. That's often the case for government employees. Because our system helps put allocations where they're most needed, helps to reduce long wait times, and helps to reduce interruptions for direction or documentation, it allows your staff to focus on their jobs and help out citizens.

Change Opinions on Government Service

It's time to change people's minds about government service. The QLess queuing system for government offices can help you transform your agency into an efficient, productive office with minimal wait times and satisfied constituents. What's more, QLess can create a tailor-made solution for your office.

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