The Steps to Implementing Queue Management Business Apps

If you own or work in a business setting that accumulates long lines and wait times, you may ask yourself, "Isn't there a better way to manage these crazy lines?!" While the take-a-number system may have dominated the past century, we now finally have a better way. The QLess queue management business apps allow your customers to get in line virtually and wait wherever they want to until it is their turn for service. That means no more crowded waiting rooms and happy customers!

A Brief Overview of QLess Business Efficiency Software

As a customer, imagine walking into an urgent care clinic or a government office. Typically, you would sign in and wait until your name is called. Don't even think about going to the restroom or your name may get called and your turn passed over because you were absent.

With the QLess system, you can sign in using a queue management business app on your phone or by using an onsite kiosk. From that point, you will start receiving text or voice messages on your phone letting you know your wait time and place in line. As you wait, you can leave the building, take a walk, go for a drive, go shopping, get lunch, or any number of things. The queue management business app sends you updates as the time ticks down for you to be serviced.

If you get caught up while you're out and about and need a little more time to get back to the business, you can easily request more time. The queue management business app will push you further back in the line instead of starting you all over from the beginning again. Customers will no longer have anxiety about missing their turn in line. When they are next, the app summons them for service. Once they have completed their transaction, the queue management business app can also send them a customer satisfaction survey. This, along with other important analytics, is stored for business owners to use to improve their operations.


Easy Steps to Implementing the QLess Business Efficiency Software

1) Answer a Questionnaire

The QLess team will start by giving you a business questionnaire that will tell them about your company's needs. It will help them determine the number of customers you receive on a daily basis, whether you make appointments ahead of time, and other factors that will let the QLess team customize a package that is perfect for your company.

2) Sign a Proposal

Once all of the details about what services you specifically need are collected, a proposal will be drawn up that includes a schedule of implementation and prices for use of the queue management business apps and any physical equipment that is needed, like kiosks.

3) Set-Up and Training

Depending on the size and scope of your business, QLess can fly members of their team out to you to physically set up and brand the queue management business app and any kiosks or tablets that will be needed. The set-up process will take between 4-6 weeks. Once the set-up is complete, training your employees will begin. Because the QLess system is so simple for users, the training period for your employees will only take about 2 hours and can be done remotely.

4) Continued Support

Once you get started using the QLess queue management business app, your daily operations should run smoothly and customers will quickly get used to the new system. Should you have any issues or questions, you can reach out to the QLess support team who will remotely guide you. They are readily available to help the process be as stress free as possible. And, as you use the new system and realize that you want more features, you can easily contact QLess for free upgrades within the first year.

Benefits of Analytics

Not only does the QLess business efficiency software quell the queues, it also provides business owners with powerful data about customer satisfaction rates, transaction types and times, no-show and walk-out rates, outcomes and more. This data can be used to identify weak areas in the business operations, create incentive programs for employees, customize promotions and sales, and much more. The benefits of managed lines, valuable analytics, and increased customer satisfaction alone make the QLess queue management business app a game-changer for businesses.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

When you eliminate the wait from the waiting room, your customers' satisfaction will go through the roof. When they have the power to spend their time however they want while they wait for your service, it doesn't seem like time wasted. Who wouldn't love checking into the DMV from the comfort of their home and only headed to the building when your turn is next? Collective wasted years of your life can now be spent on more productive things like running additional errands.

When your customers' satisfaction goes up, they treat employees with more respect and kindness. This, in turn, increases your employees' satisfaction. High satisfaction rates lead to good online reviews and word-of-mouth conversions.

The QLess queue management business app will also give you a leading edge over your competitors. When customers have the choice between businesses with the old "take-a-number" system and QLess, you can bet they will choose the business with QLess, again and again.

Change the way your customers view waiting in line forever with the QLess business efficiency software. The applications are numerous and businesses in the industries of healthcare, higher education, retail, government, motor vehicles, logistics, and many more are a perfect atmosphere for adopting this new technology. Move your company into the future with a modern system that gives back to business owners. Give QLess a call today and request your free business demo!