Customers Love SMS Queue Systems

If you run any business or organization that involves people, then you understand the importance of listening. Whether you’re a shop owner, health provider, or part of a DMV office, managing your customers’ needs and hearing what they have to say is vitally important. QLess is in the business of helping organizations improve their customers’ experience and cut operational costs by better managing customer lines. We have developed an SMS queue system that allows your company to virtualize its queues so customers can make appointments and receive messages when it’s their turn in line.

What are SMS Queue Systems and How Do They Work?

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QLess has brought the first mobile queuing platform to the world. It allows customers to enter a line using their cell phone, a touch screen kiosks, or the Web. The system also allows an organization’s own employees to add customers to the line from the QLess Queue Manager. Once in the virtual queue, customers are given a personal wait time. They can receive updates and notifications through text messages or voice calls to alert them as they move to the front of the queue. In the meantime, customers can wait wherever they want: at home, work, or at a coffee shop – instead of a crowded lobby or waiting room.

How Customers Benefit From QLess

There are several ways in which a queue management platform can improve your organization:

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  • Reduces Waiting Lines – QLess’s SMS queue system allows customers to quickly access the services they need without standing in line. Our FlexAppointments platform slots walk-ins around scheduled appointments to avoid interrupting your current operations. Virtualizing your queues reduces wait times and in walkways, freeing up valuable space that could be put to better use. In fact, some of our customers have shortened their wait times by up to 97%.
  • Boosts Staff Productivity and Efficiency – Our bi-directional queue management system means that in addition to providing customers with information on their appointments, your staff can manage their time in relation to customer demand. Using our SMS queue system, your staff is able to schedule customer appointments, manage lines, and steer customers to less busy times of the day. The result: 90% improvement in staff productivity that is ready to provide excellent service.
  • Reduces Customer Complaints and Improves Satisfaction – Our SMS queue system is built in a way that optimizes customers’ wait times. The added notifications and alerts act as an extension of your services in a way that improves their end-to-end experience. Fast and efficient appointment scheduling can make your customers feel empowered and in control of their time, which increases the likelihood that they will come back more often. Our partners who use the tracking capabilities report major increases in customer satisfaction.
  • Data Reports That Offer Valuable Insights – In conjunction with FlexAppointments, QLess works with your business and customer data to improve customer service. Our historical and predictive analytics along with statistical analysis techniques are used to develop insightful reports. These reports can be used for critical decision-making such as anticipating peak periods to optimize staff productivity. By using our analytics techniques and reports, our partners have improved their forecast accuracy by 35% over human experts.
  • Enhances Communication and Customer Engagement – Using our SMS queue system allows you to improve communication between your staff and customers. Enhancing customer communication has proven to reduce no-show appointments by 20%. The data you are able to collect from our survey feature allows you to look at operational shortcomings so you can enhance service and customer engagement.

To further understand how our queue management solutions may improve your operations or how quickly it would take to get a return on your upfront investment, check out the ROI calculator. Depending on your organization’s needs, we can work with you to understand how QLess and its queue management functionality and features align with your goals. To see how similar companies have used QLess and the benefits they receive, check out a few of our customer success stories.

How QLESS Uses SMS Queue Systems to Reduce Customer Waiting Time

You may be an urgent care provider who’s looking to minimize patient queues in the waiting room or a state DMV office that would like to cut queues and reduce waiting time for citizens. There are several instances in which QLess aims to replace physical lines and waiting rooms with virtual lines. We take a closer look at a few industries to see how FlexAppointments can be used to reduce patient waiting time.

  • Retail – QLess helps businesses optimize operations, boost customer satisfaction, and improve their bottom line. We’ve developed a custom retail queue management system and retail store appointment scheduling app to match excited shoppers with your sales and customer services. In a time when many people are choosing to shop online, improving brick-and-mortar customer service is a great way to get more customers back into stores. For more information on how QLess can help your business improve operations with SMS queue systems, check out our retail case study.
  • Government –Government agencies are tasked with significant responsibility to deliver quality services to tax-paying citizens. The ability to deliver quality services is particularly difficult in instances where limited budgets hinder investment in new technology. QLess works with local and state governments to understand how SMS queue systems can improve customer service in an affordable manner. Virtualizing queues at your local or state-backed office with QLess can reduce the number of people waiting in line by up to 35% so that employees can spend more time serving citizens.
  • Higher Education – With limited college administrators and counselors, scheduling appointments in narrow timeframes can be quite stressful and demanding. The QLess SMS queue management system for colleges and campus appointment scheduling app helps cut attrition rates by improving the student service environment. Request a demo today to learn more about the benefits of QLess for your college or university.
  • Healthcare – QLess FlexAppointments and virtual queuing allow healthcare providers to improve patients’ experience by letting them avoid uncomfortable waiting rooms. Hospitals, clinics, doctors, and dentists alike have chosen QLess to increase patient satisfaction and balance patient loads between multiple healthcare locations. For more information on how to improve patient service flow and notify patients of delays to their appointments, check out our urgent care use case.
  • Logistics – The QLess SMS queue system for logistics companies streamlines workflow with a virtual queue tailored to the supply chain industry. The queue system allows documents and instructions to be delivered right to the site where the work will be done via any mobile phone. This is particularly helpful for companies with multiple locations and sites or large fleets of vehicles. In addition to reducing overall operational costs, QLess uses analytics to identify supply chain bottlenecks and areas to optimize production and distribution.
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  • Restaurants – QLess revolutionizes the way reservations are made. Through our SMS queue system, QLess is able to make it easier to make reservations or even eliminate the need for reservations. Customers can get in line for a table without having to leave the comfort of their own home and then be notified when it’s time to leave for the restaurant.
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QLess works with several other organizations across many industries to improve your customers’ experience. The technology we use to reduce wait times is also being used to analyze ways you can improve your operations. Explore even more features that QLess offers.

Implementing an SMS Queue System

QLess is one of the leading companies helping organizations virtualize queues. Our queue management system leverages algorithms to process data points and provide an estimated wait time for each customer. We are continuously exploring new technologies to address new use cases.

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Implementing the queue management system is straightforward and does not require you to purchase any hardware. The only requirement to get the system up and running is a web browser on an internet-connected device such as a computer, smartphone, or kiosk. Costs depend on the size of your business and the number of features you would like to include. Customers have reported reduced wait times, improved customer satisfaction, and boosted productivity.

For more information on how you can set up an SMS queue system at your organization, test out our app for your android or iPhone.