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Waiting in Line? How a Mobile Queue Gives Back Time

The population of the world is increasing at an extremely fast pace.  No matter where you go or what you plan on doing, you will have to wait in line […]

How Long Wait Times Affect The Bottom Line

Three universal truths for humanity: 1.  No one likes paying taxes2.  No one likes going to the dentist3.  And no one – nobody – likes waiting in line Now, the first you have to […]

7 Reasons It's the End of Apple as We Know It

Apple hit a new market cap record this month. Valued at over 732 billion dollars, it’s the most valuable company in the known universe. So you’d be forgiven for thinking […]

Waiting in Line for Auto Service: A Trapped Feeling

People don’t usually show up to auto parts and services locations in the best of moods. Cars are absolutely indispensable to most American lives, so a car in need of […]

CA DMV Challenge

True story: I had to visit the DMV this week to register my car. As an employee of a queue management software, I resent lines a little more than the average person […]

Are Doctors' Waiting Rooms Making People More Sick?

Conventional wisdom says the best way to avoid getting sick is to stay away from sick people. However, easier said than done when patients need to visit a doctor’s office. […]

In-Line Versus On-Line: Traditional Universities Can Compete with Digital Institutions

When it comes to choosing a college, today’s students must grapple with a relatively new but crucial decision: will they strap on their backpacks and venture off to a brick […]

5 Ways to Reduce Customer Anxiety

David Maister authored a brilliant article entitled, “The Psychology of Waiting Lines,” identifying eight anxiety-inducing reasons why people loathe waiting in line. It’s fair to assume that we can ALL […]

QLess Speaks about Textaurant Corporation Acquisition with

QLess Speaks about Textaurant Corporation Acquisition with QLess Founder and CEO, Alex Bäcker spoke with Boston Globe’s Michael Farrell about their latest acquisition this year: assets of the Textaurant […]

Queue Management: How to get back in line on your own schedule.

A virtual queue management system is really helpful, as it is a time saving technology. Your customer will know about the status of their turn in line as well as […]

LA Weekly Speaks with QLess About Solving Theme Park Lines

Liz Ohanesian of LA Weekly, one of LA’s top publications, spoke with QLess Founder and CEO Alex Bäcker and quickly learned he is a problem solver. After standing in line himself at […]

Gone in 6 minutes: average queuing time UK shoppers are willing to wait

The average time across the UK for shoppers to wait in a queue until they ‘abandon basket’ is 5 minutes 54 seconds. Amongst major towns and cities in the UK, […]

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