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Ways to Reduce Queue Waiting Time in Service Operations Management

Discover one of the best ways to reduce queue waiting times that service operations managers across industries are utilizing: queue management software.

How to Reduce Restaurant Wait Times for Customer Convenience

Restaurant wait times are challenging for both the restaurant and hungry diners waiting to eat. Yet, many restaurants are unable or unwilling to reduce wait times. Large lines can detract […]

El valor del servicio al cliente – Incluso después de la pandemia

A lo largo de la pandemia, las empresas han encontrado formas innovadoras de ayudar a sus clientes a comprar y a abrir sus tiendas, todo ello con el fin de […]

The Role Tech Infrastructure Will Play in Efficient Vaccine Distribution

Originally published in ToolBox Tech.  The COVID-19 vaccines are here, but getting them to 331 million Americans will be a monumental challenge. Luckily, the technology exists to ensure healthcare professionals […]

Upgrade Your Campus Student Management Software

Intro to Campus Student Management Software Did you know that in the academic year from 2020-21, 2.1 million college students transferred institutions? This is actually a lower than typical number, […]

Introduce Flex Appointments For DMV Online Scheduling

Find out how flex appointments from QLess are transforming the DMV online scheduling process for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Improve Your Campus Experience With Student Satisfaction Surveys

The definition of insanity is doing something repeatedly and expecting a new result. Sometimes higher education institutions can become dependent on old-fashioned practices, even though they want new results like […]

Line Management App For Higher Education

Whether it’s the beginning of a semester, a college sports event, a campus rally, or just your everyday lunch rush, higher education institutions draw large lines on a daily basis. […]

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Student Management Software for Colleges

College campuses face daily management challenges between students, faculty, and other personnel. Specifically, though, management of services for students can be overwhelming. That is where solid student management software for […]

Essential Components of Student Retention Management Software

It is no secret that retention can be a challenge when it comes to first-year students’ journeys in college. First-year students historically have lower retention rates than most other students, […]

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