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How to Improve Student Satisfaction

Increasing student satisfaction can make a huge difference in both attracting new students and retaining existing students. Here are some tips for answering the question “How to improve the student […]

Major Technological Innovations in Healthcare Appointment Scheduling Software

Find out more about the key innovations in healthcare appointment scheduling software that have led to these solutions driving significant results for healthcare organizations.

7 Advantages of a Patient Queue Management System

Two of the biggest challenges for healthcare clinics are treating patients and managing their wait times with a strong visitor management solution. Clinics without a proper patient queue management system […]

How do Online Queues Work For DMVs?

Chances are, if you go to a DMV, you will encounter a traditional queue system where you take a number and wait. This out-of-date system leads to long lines, crowded […]

Three Ways to Reduce Wait Time in Any Government Office

Government offices are synonymous with long wait times. There are numerous cities where DMV wait times stretch past an hour on average, for example. The reason for these intimidating wait […]

How QLess’s Appointment Tracker Improves Efficiency at Each Stage of the Customer Journey

Enhancing Awareness Boosting Consideration Helping with Decision-Making Encouraging Retention When using the QLess appointment tracker, it becomes your ultimate customer journey platform, making your business more efficient, not to mention […]

The Problem with No-Show Appointments

  Everyone misses appointments. Maybe you overslept or fell victim to an unexpected nap. Maybe you had the wrong time written down. Maybe you just plain forgot or (especially during […]

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