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How QLess’s Appointment Tracker Improves Efficiency at Each Stage of the Customer Journey

Enhancing Awareness Boosting Consideration Helping with Decision-Making Encouraging Retention The QLess appointment tracker is precisely what you need to make the customer journey more efficient, not to mention more successful. […]

The Problem with No-Show Appointments

  Everyone misses appointments. Maybe you overslept or fell victim to an unexpected nap. Maybe you had the wrong time written down. Maybe you just plain forgot or (especially during […]

Patient Flow: Benefits of Optimizing Patient Movement

Healthcare facilities are under a lot of pressure. An aging population, shortage of healthcare workers, and decreasing hospital capacity are contributing to severe overcrowding and care delivery delays in many […]

Car Dealer Business: 3 Key Elements of Success

When run properly, car dealership businesses can be very profitable. More than 40.8 million used cars were sold in 2018 and new vehicle sales reached $1 trillion in 2019. While […]

Higher Education Trends Post-COVID

Post-COVID higher education trends are moving toward a dramatically different environment that requires many changes. Colleges and universities can’t continue to do things the same way they did before the […]

How QLess Outpaces the Competition: A competitor analysis of queue management platforms

When it comes to improving the customer experience, execution is everything. It’s one thing to offer a digital queue manager; it’s another thing entirely to provide a platform that solves some of your most pressing business needs while also improving the customer experience.

The Digital Citizen: How to make government agencies more efficient and user-friendly

Citizens have high expectations for government services, whether at the state or municipal level. They’ve been spoiled by the private sector to expect instant answers and digital solutions.

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