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How to Increase Student Retention: 3 Innovative Ways to Improve Student Retention

For leadership at colleges and universities across the United States, learning how to increase student retention is one of the most important areas of focus. For many, a school’s retention […]

Beyond FastPass+: How Amusement Parks Can Cut Lines With Digital Queuing

Have you ever been to an amusement park right when it opens? The first thing people do is run full-tilt to get a place in line for the most popular […]

Get Back to the Game with QLess

Next to strong academics and a high-quality student experience, college sports represent one of the great pillars of school spirit. They’re also a great moneymaker, and not just in the […]

Day at the Museum

Few things are as much fun for kids as a trip to the local museum. Whether it’s checking out dinosaur bones, moon rocks, or art, it’s a great way to […]

Improve Your Medical Practice Operations: Understanding What Kills Efficiency

Introduction Efficiency is essential in every industry, but it is all the more important in the health care services industry because people’s wellness is on the line. The more patients […]

How to Leverage Your Retail Store Layout to Boost Sales

Think about the times you walked into a store without a particular item in mind–times when you knew you wanted to shop, but weren’t looking for anything specific. How were […]

4 Ways Medical Offices Can Prepare for the Physician Shortage

Experts predict that by the year 2025, the US healthcare industry could face a shortage of primary care physicians ranging from 34,600 to 88,000 physicians. Undoubtedly, medical practices need to […]

How Queue Management Can Solve Painful Pre-Order App Experiences

It’s 7a.m. and you’re waiting in a long line of other caffeine-deprived folks just trying to snag your extra-tall caramel latte and get to work on time. Then the door […]

Reducing Patient Waiting Times: How Patient Wait Times Affect Your Bottom Line

One of the most difficult tasks for a medical practice is reducing patient waiting times. Caring for every patient with the punctuality they expect takes a lot of work, and […]

5 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience in Medical Practices

Regardless of what kind of medical practice you work in, improving the patient experience in healthcare is critical. A recent study illustrates why improving the patient experience in healthcare is […]

4 Short Staff Solutions for Medical Offices

When a medical practice is short on personnel, operating efficiently and giving patients the care they expect can be difficult. Whether you’re lacking an ideal number of physicians, nurses, or […]

Remote Mobile Queueing with QLess: Get in Line Without Leaving the House

It is a well-established fact in the psychology of queueing that no one actually likes to wait in line. Time passes much more slowly to the idling human mind, and […]

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