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Virtual Waiting Room Technology For Hospitals And Clinics

America’s aging population will place a heavy strain on the country’s healthcare resources. By 2030, Americans aged 65 and older will comprise 20% of the nation’s population. Hospitals and other […]

Upgrade Your Shooting Range Scheduling System Post-COVID

The shooting range industry is growing in popularity. As more Americans become first-time gun owners in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people will visit shooting range facilities to […]

Make it Easier for Citizens to Check and Cancel DMV Appointments

Long lines and frustrating experiences at the DMV are such a common occurrence that these facets of the process have become a running joke in pop culture. But what if […]

Long Voting Lines & Short Fuses: Queue Management to Encourage Voters

It’s voting season in the U.S. With election day only a few weeks away, on November 3rd, early voting has started in over 20 states. Unfortunately, long voting lines and hours-long […]

The Benefits of Digital Lines for Ski Resorts

We can all appreciate the thrill of hitting the slopes on a blustery winter day, but the fun can sometimes be dampened by long ski lift lines or even in […]

Reduce Average Customer Wait Time With QLess Software

When your business draws crowds in the form of long lines or waiting times for appointments, there’s bound to be issues that arise that slow down customer flow. From employees […]

Office Depot Finds Success Two Ways with Virtual Queues

This article was originally published in BornDigital. Need to Know Office Depot first deployed QLess, a remote mobile interactive queueing platform, to 600 stores in September 2019 to gather more […]

5 Benefits of Virtual Lines

  Introduction Technology has transformed the world and done things that were previously never imagined to be possible. We’ve invented the mobile phone, connecting ourselves to other people a world […]

Queue Management: The Solution to Modernize Ports

With Amazon and online shopping, the world has become increasingly reliant on a globalized supply chain. But when most of us think of overseas shipping and ports, we still envision […]

5 Reasons Why QLess Offers The Best Appointment Scheduling App

Whether your business runs solely on online booking or you have a combination of booked appointments and walk-in customers, the QLess appointment scheduling app has an array of customizable features […]

How Truck Booking Software Increases Efficiency

In the logistics industry, many companies still live in the past, with outdated processes that cost the staff time and the business money. It’s time to move into a new era […]

How DMV Online Scheduling is Transforming the Government Office Customer Experience

Learn more about how DMV online scheduling systems are transforming the DMV customer experience and creating more seamless end-to-end results.

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