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Upgrade Your DMV Appointment System With QLess When Reopening

All around the country, states are starting to re-open businesses and government offices. Some areas are also starting to see a rise in the number of daily reported cases of COVID-19, […]

Free Your Retail Customers from Waiting in A Queue

As a customer yourself, have you ever walked into a store, seen dozens of people waiting in a queue, and immediately walked right back out? Even the sight of a […]

How Airports are Using Technology to Reopen During COVID

This article was originally published in AviationPros Although all industries have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, travel and hospitality were the most changed, and may take the longest to recover. […]

Office Depot: Benefits of QLess Queue Management System Software

Recently, the QLess queue management system software has been implemented in over 600 Office Depot and OfficeMax stores in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and other areas. Office Depot […]

Steps You Can Take to Give Customers a Better Experience

Many factors drive a customer to return to a business to buy products or services. It may be the quality of the product or service that is offered, the level […]

Use a Queue Manager System To Personalize Customer Experience

A queue manager system is perfect for dispersing crowded waiting areas, cutting wait times, and raising customer satisfaction, but it can also offer personalized customer experience. Many industries, from hair […]

What Industries Can Benefit From Online Booking Software?

When you think of online booking software, you may think about industries like healthcare facilities, veterinarian offices, or government offices, but there are so many more businesses that can benefit […]

Do Your Bank Tellers Need a Break? Queue Management Systems Can Help

Queue management systems are new technologies that revolutionize the way customers wait in line and schedule appointments. For the last century, the “take-a-number” system has been the only upgrade to standing […]

Benefit Patients With Reduced Waiting Time During COVID-19 And Beyond

Healthcare clinics, family doctors, and hospitals are essential businesses that are needed to continue to treat people, especially those suffering from COVID-19. During this pandemic, they need to evolve in their methods […]

New Logistics Industry Trends to Adapt to a Post-COVID World

The logistics industry is full of essential businesses and workers that need to keep operating during this time of pandemic. Goods need to be manufactured, transported, and delivered to their […]

Social Distancing Measures For Reopening Restaurants After COVID-19

As states begin to reopen after COVID-19, more and more restaurants will be able to open their doors again. As you’re beginning that process, however, it’s important to maintain thorough […]

Beat the Competition with 8 Ways to Improve Customer Service

Businesses are in an increasingly competitive market where even the slightest edge can result in growth and success. Alternatively, lacking that edge can leave your business trailing behind and scrambling […]

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