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How an SMS Queuing Software Streamlines the Customer Journey

Find out how businesses around the world are using SMS queue systems to create seamless customer interactions and appeal to the mobile consumer.

A Deep Dive Into Senior Healthcare Market Trends: Creating Better Health Outcomes

Introduction The healthcare sector is the backbone of our society; an industry created around the goal of providing physical and mental care for people in need. The healthcare industry is […]

Customer Experience Trends: Using Virtual Queue Solutions to Increase Customer Loyalty

The customer defines the customer experience, and today’s customers differ from yesterday’s. Let’s take a deep dive into the important customer experience trends that showcase the value virtual queuing systems can provide.

The Clock is Ticking – Airport World

At the onset of the pandemic, as we all waited for vaccines to be the industry, we can see that two of the top target benefits are made available, many […]

Flying Warp Speed Towards a Digital Transformation

Talk of the digital transformation has been abundant among stakeholders of any industry for years if not decades. What, in exact terms, encompasses digital transformations remains vague and varies from […]

Summer Travel Mayhem: How to Manage the Rush

Remember the days of early COVID when we all couldn’t wait to get back to normal? It turns out the old normal is gone, and we’ll all have to embrace […]

Centering the Citizen Experience through Digital Transformations in Government

Originally published in American City & County. .Technology as it intersects with the citizen experience at its best goes unnoticed, and at its worst betrays a failing on the part […]

Elevating the Healthcare Patient Journey

Introduction Visiting a doctor isn’t supposed to be fun. People seek healthcare because they need assistance or a check-up, not because they expect to have a great time. However, many […]

Lessons from COVID-19 Pandemic and the Smart Facilities of Tomorrow

Originally published in HIT Consultant As much as we all wish it were otherwise, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to claim lives and upset stability around the world. If this worldwide […]

How Retailers can Leverage In-Store Technologies

Originally published in Retail and Restaurant Facility Business.  It’s hard to overstate how bad the problem is. According to research from Yelp, nearly 100,000 American businesses shuttered their doors during […]

Smart Healthcare: What We’ve Learned from COVID-19

Originally posted in Healthcare Business Today. As much as we all wish it were, the pandemic is not yet over and continues to threaten the populace. Now more than ever […]

QLess Names James Harvey as CEO, Launches FUTURE CX Initiative to Help Organizations Improve Customer Engagement

SAP and Oracle veteran to expand virtual line management platform to meet changing market demands PASADENA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–QLess, an industry-leading provider of digital queue management solutions, today announced that James […]

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