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Electronic Queuing Systems and the University System

As the world evolves technologically, businesses fight to keep up with fast-paced advancements. That includes colleges and universities, which may be left in the dust if they don’t adopt an […]

Online Appointment Booking Tools and Higher Education

Universities with an eye toward the future are discovering that it pays to cater to the lives of the student body rather than requiring coeds to do all the heavy […]

What Is a Business Process Management System for Colleges?

What is a business process management system for colleges? On the surface of things, it seems complicated and unrelated. You have to remember, however, that a university is a business, […]

Queue Management Software and the College Campus

The college crisis is quickly reaching epic proportions. With some problems, such as professor shortages and soaring tuition rates, administrators are helpless to do much to help the coeds who […]

Scheduling Solutions to Make the DMV Experience User-Friendly

If you work at the DMV, you already know its reputation. Certain tasks that take place at the Department of Motor Vehicles are hard to schedule with any regularity, but […]

Customer Experience Management Software and Government Offices

Government offices work at the pleasure of the taxpayers. That’s a blunt way of putting it, but if your job is related to the government at all, then it’s true. […]

Raise Customer Satisfaction at Government Offices with Queue Software

Government offices often seek to raise customer satisfaction, but because they still rely on the same old systems that have failed the citizenry up to this point, they don’t experience […]

Transforming the Retail Customer Experience with Queue Software

Introduction Every industry received a major shakeup during the pandemic. Whether it was the education industry, where schools around the world had to close and move online, or the healthcare […]

How a Simple Queue Management System Can Change the Education Sector

Keeping up with the times is a challenge and several rapid changes in education have further transformed the sector. From online education to an expanding level of choice, higher education […]

Customer Waiting Time Expectations are Shifting With Queue Software

You might have noticed a subtle change while waiting in line at your favorite restaurant. Or perhaps you’ve seen a more obvious shift in the way your urgent care waiting […]

How to Streamline the Buyer's Experience

Having a positive experience for every customer who walks in your door is more important than ever. In an ultra-competitive market, the retail industry is upping the ante and introducing […]

7 Reasons to Use Student Information Systems in Higher Education

As enrollment and tuition rates continue to increase, today’s colleges and universities are under pressure to expand and improve their campuses to meet the growing expectations of students and staff. […]

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