A Customer Queuing System Kiosk Can Help Make Customers Stay

Everyone has likely experienced a line that feels neverending. No matter what the situation is, the longer you wait, the more anxious, bored, frustrated, and dissatisfied you become. The average time someone spends waiting in line is five years. That's five years of unhappy, wasted time customers can't get back. As a business owner, you know that long, slow lines can be bad for business. Long lines drive potential customers away, irritate the ones who will stick it out, and drive profits down. Now, there is a new customer queuing system that can quell the queue.

How It Works to Keep Customers

When customers approach businesses with long lines that are visible from outside, they make a decision before they even get out of their car on whether they will stay, abandon the task for later, or find another business to purchase the goods they want or get the services they need. With QLess, potential customers won't see huge, intimidating lines out your door. The people waiting in lines are virtually gone, making your business appear more inviting.

And where have the people in line gone? Wherever they want to be while they wait! Using the QLess customer queuing system, customers can join a virtual queue before they even step foot in your business. They can join the queue using an app on their mobile device, a kiosk inside your place of operation, or on your company's website. The system will send them a notification through text or voice message alerting them of their wait time and place in line. After that, they are free to roam wherever they want to.

Instead of standing in a queue while they wait, the app will send customers updates on their wait time and let them know what number they are in line. As time draws nearer, the app will ask them if they need more time before getting service. If they need more time, they will be moved back further in the queue instead of starting over from the beginning of the line.

Teller waiting to serve customers inside a large building

The customer queuing system also has the option to send your customers alerts about your current sales and promotions. This additional marketing tool is the perfect delivery method for maximum exposure. Because patrons are already checking their mobile devices for notifications on their wait, there's an excellent chance they will read the advertisement.

Once the customer has completed their service or transaction with your business, the customer queuing system immediately sends a short satisfaction survey straight to their mobile device. While surveys are often sent through email to customers within a day or two after their completed service, studies show that the sooner you can send your survey, the more likely they are to complete it. This survey, along with other customer data, is recorded and organized into reports for your reference.

Industries for the Customer Queuing System

Many industries rely on lines to function on a day-to-day basis. While traditional lines used to be the gold standard, they will become obsolete with line management apps and software. Explore different industries and see how they can benefit from QLess.


The QLess customer queuing system is perfect for retail applications. Instead of customers standing in line clogging up front ends and register stations, they can now be free to roam the store and shop more. You can convert much higher sales when people have nothing better to do while they wait than shop more at your business. Forget about stocking registers with small upsells, because when you release people on your entire stock, everything is an upsell. The QLess system is also excellent for times like Black Friday, the holidays, and when new items in high demand are released.

DMV & Government Offices

No one knows longer lines and wait times than DMVs and government offices. Customers know the drill and they often avoid visits to these places at all costs.

But what if you could change the way they think about DMV with the QLess customer queuing system?

When you give them the freedom to leave the building and be productive with themselves or just relax elsewhere, they will be satisfied and happy. DMV workers can rest easy knowing that people will be more relaxed and less likely to take their frustration out on others. Ditch the old method of taking a number to stand in a queue line. Many DMV and government offices have already implemented the QLess system and have great success stories with its use.

Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries are a new industry that needs a new customer queuing system to manage its lines. These dispensaries are so popular, at times that they can have lines that wrap around the building. Improve your efficiency, streamline the buying process, and make customers stay nearby instead of standing in a queue.

Call Centers

QLess works a little differently when used in call centers. When customers call your center, the system lets them join a virtual call-back queue. They will be given an approximate wait time and given the choice to hang up. They can then roam freely while waiting for a call back from one of your representatives. This system reduces frustrated callers and abandoned calls by 23% to 30%. It also helps reduce lag times between calls while reducing customer complaints.

Other Industries

Customer queuing systems can also be effectively applied to many other industries such as theme parks, veterinarian and healthcare offices, banking and financial services, car dealerships, industrial businesses, animal shelters, shooting ranges, and many more industires. Any business that accrues long lines often is a prime candidate for the QLess app.

Imagine yourself as one of your customers using the app instead of standing in a queue. In a theme park, you could plan out which rides you want to go on ahead of time and spend your wait time in the park's stores, restaurants, or even the restroom. While waiting for a doctor's appointment, you can take a walk around the grounds or grab a quick bite to eat.

Benefits of the System

The customer queuing system records data on your customers' purchases, services used, preferences, and transaction times. It also shows return rates, outcomes, delay times, no-shows, and walk-aways. Easy to read graphs and reports give you valuable insights into anticipating peak periods and optimizing staff productivity. You can download your data reports as Microsoft Excel, Access, or CSV file formats. Use your customer's data to customize your next sales and promotions.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Move your business into the future with a system that solves the problem of unsatisfied customers standing in a queue. We've all felt the annoyance of waiting for what seems like forever, and when you have places to be, annoyance grows into anxiety and frustration. Just the fact that you are stuck in place as you shuffle up the line with nowhere to go is aggravating. When customers grow testy, they can take it out on the people around them, including on the employees.

With the customer queuing system, customers don't have the chance to foster negative feelings because they are keeping themselves busy doing whatever they want to.

When customers are happy, they treat employees with dignity, respect, and kindness. In return, employees don't feel contempt for customers and feel better about their jobs. Satisfied customers also give positive reviews online and by word of mouth. While online reviews are extremely important because they stay visible to the public for years to come. Word of mouth recommendations are also key marketing channels for many types of businesses. Good reviews build your reputation and encourage new potential customers to visit you.

Boosts Productivity

While your happy customers are helping to keep employees satisfied, the customer queuing system dashboard lets employees easily manage lines with live data and relevant metrics to optimize their workflow. Employees can even communicate directly through the app with customers by text or voice message. Being able to use both text and voice messaging means the communication is more likely to be received.

Using the data collected by the app, you can also identify areas that need improvement and address these with your staff. Employees will be inspired to work harder to improve their metrics. You can also implement employee incentives to entice them to lower transaction times and receive better satisfaction surveys from customers.

The QLess customer queuing system will make your lines more manageable, increase satisfaction among customers and employees, boost productivity, and make your life as a business owner easier in peak times. Don't let long lines intimidate potential customers causing them to walk-out, abandon items, and find other businesses to get the services or goods they need. Make them stay with your business and quell the queue with the QLess line app. Contact QLess today to request a free business demo.