Why Implementing a Queue Management System in Your Bank is a Smart Idea

Bank queues can be long and slow moving, especially on paydays when people come to cash their hard earned paychecks. While long lines means business is good, they can cause negative effects. Customers can easily lose patience while waiting in long lines. When lines just keep coming, employees can get intimidated by the rush of people and make mistakes in their work.

How can you be sure your customers are satisfied with your service and not walking out wishing to switch institutions?

A Simple Solution That Customers Love

The answer is the QLess wait in line app. With the app, customers can join the line from anywhere. They can join through your bank's website, through the app on their mobile phone, or by using a physical kiosk inside your building. Once customers join, they will receive text or voice messages on their phones that alert them of what number they are in line and what their approximate wait time will be.

From there, they are welcome to wait wherever they want. The bank queue app gives them the freedom to wait outside, use the restroom, grab a quick bite to eat, listen to music while relaxing in their vehicle, take a short walk, go to nearby retail businesses, or do whatever they want.

Your customers can request updates at anytime during their wait. The app will also automatically send notifications of new wait times. As they move closer to the front of the line, it will ask them if they need more time. When they reply 'yes', they are moved back in the queue instead of having to start over from the beginning. They can also request to reschedule or leave the bank queue altogether.

As your patrons wait, the app allows your employees to communicate directly with customers through both text and voice messages. Being able to use two mediums to get your customers' attention increases the chances of them receiving the message. You also have the option to send people alerts about your current promotions. While you may have signs and posters for your promotions, they may not always be noticed by busy customers. When you send promos through the wait line app, they are more likely to see it because they are checking their phones for line updates.

Worm's eye view of bank building

When the customer is next in line, they will be alerted and advised to start heading to the bank for service. When it is their turn, the app summons them and can give instructions on what building and/or service window they should go to. Once they have completed their transaction and exit the bank queue app, customers are sent a short satisfaction survey straight to their mobile device. When customers receive surveys right away, they are more likely to complete them, versus when companies send surveys by email days after their customers leave.

Valuable Data Insights

Your employees will have access to a convenient real-time dashboard that lets them see who is being served, who has been summoned for service, a list of the people waiting in line, and what type of service they need. The dashboard helps boost your employees' productivity and lets them optimize their workflow. With less people waiting anxiously in front of your tellers, they will feel less overwhelmed by crowds and better able to focus on one customer at a time. Transaction times improve, and bank queues move faster as a result.

All of the data and analytics captured from the app on customer surveys, transaction times and types, outcomes, no-shows, and return rates are organized into easy to read graphs and reports that can be downloaded for your convenience. These reports will give you better insights on what areas of your company need improvement. For example, using the customer transaction types and times, you can determine whether or not the transaction took much longer than it should have. If instances like this grow in occurrence, you may need to address methods on how to quicken the pace with your employees.

Data collection on your customers' trends and preferences will help you plan future promotions that are tailored specifically to your customers and their needs.

Cloud Technology

The QLess bank queue app is 100% web-based using cloud technology. You don't need to install hardware or have local servers. Our system works with any standard web browser so you can get it up and running fast. You will never need to manually update the program because updates are instantaneous and automatic. There are no installation and IT costs to be incurred while using the system. You don't need to worry about security breaches either, because the data is encrypted in transit with TLS 1.2 256-bit encryption and protected at rest with AES encryption.

Flex Appointments & Customers Without Mobile Phones

Flex Appointments allow walk-in customers with mobile phones to seamlessly integrate with appointments that have been scheduled online or via a mobile device. Where there are open time frames, new customers will be added.

While most Americans own a smartphone device, there is still a small population that does not. The majority of this population is made up of seniors and they prefer to bank the old fashioned way with checks, deposit slips, and balancing of old school checkbooks. New technology can be confusing for them. Luckily, with the QLess bank queue app, walk-in customers without cell phones can easily be added to the queue by a teller. They would wait in line like they have always done, which is comfortable and normal for people who are used to doing things this way.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

In the banking industry, competition is high. There are likely several other banking institutions within a 25 mile radius of your location. In order to keep your customers from switching to other banks, you need to keep them satisfied. This can be a difficult challenge when your bank is in a central location and many customers use your services. When customers have multiple experiences with long lines and boring wait times, they start to reconsider their options.

A bank queue app improves customers' satisfaction by letting them make better use of their time. If they have freedom to move about while they wait, they will be much happier than they would be standing in line listening to other people's transactions occur. Say they only have a short lunch break and need to visit the bank. Instead of hoping for a short line and gambling on whether they will make it back to work in time, they can join the queue while they are still at work. When they get their notification of the wait time, they will be able to easily schedule their lunch break, make it to the bank for service, and back to work in time to clock-in.

Reduce Complaints

QLess wait in line app reduces customer complaints. When customers are happy with the service they were provided, they tell others, increasing your exposure by word of mouth. Word of mouth is still an important marketing medium today. Banking institutions need to have a combination of new business from word of mouth and other advertising channels. Online reviews are also extremely important to today's consumers. Bad reviews can ruin your reputation and drive away potential customers. Good reviews can help grow your brand and cement your establishment in the community.

The QLess bank queue app is a simple solution to alleviate long lines and wait times, improve customer and employee satisfaction, increase profits, and collect data to help you improve business operations. Queue management is new and will be the future for many businesses. Use QLess software to propel your company into tomorrow. When customers experience a virtual line at your bank, it will change the way they think of the banking altogether.

Other Industries

Our wait in line app is perfect for many different industries, not just banking and financial institutions. Success stories that have resulted from our technology can be found in businesses like

If your company draws the crowds, the QLess wait in line app can help reduce walk-outs, boost productivity, and attract new customers while keeping old ones. Set up is fast and the platform is easy to use for both customers and employees.

Browse the QLess website to read more about the queue management system's features and benefits.