Improve Your Campus Experience With Student Satisfaction Surveys

The definition of insanity is doing something repeatedly and expecting a new result. Sometimes higher education institutions can become dependent on old-fashioned practices, even though they want new results like higher enrollment. It’s easy to do this because there are so many processes that happen all over campus, throughout the year, by a wide range of staff and faculty. A key to increasing your enrollment is improving the campus experience for prospective students. To do this, a college or university must constantly collect, analyze, and act on student satisfaction surveys.

The Best Delivery Method for Student Satisfaction Surveys

There are many old-fashioned ways to collect feedback. Staff and faculty can have conversations with students, satisfaction surveys can be sent through the mail or by email, they can be embedded into a website, or shared over social media. These methods are mediocre, but they won’t effectively reach and be returned by a large percentage of your students. One look around campus, and you’ll see young adults everywhere that are using their cell phones. Today, the most effective and direct way to reach students is to send automated student satisfaction surveys by text message. Rates of return are high, which gives you a more accurate picture of how the majority of your students feel about their campus experience.

Software to Get the Job Done Right

QLess software for higher education is a platform that creates virtual queues, schedules appointments for students and sends and collects student satisfaction surveys. It’s a versatile software that can be utilized all over campus, from the admissions and advisors offices to student supplies stores and dining halls. It creates convenience with its features for both students and staff, and the ability to collect feedback gives colleges the opportunity to improve processes in all of these areas and more. When transactions are completed, QLess automatically sends surveys directly to students’ cell phones. When directly prompted, students are happy to share their experiences, much like they do when reviewing any business’s services or goods.

Easy to Read Graphs and Reports

With so many students, collecting satisfaction surveys and analyzing them may seem like a daunting task. QLess automates the entire process from start to finish. At any given time, a college or university will be able to see how students feel about the dining hall customer service and the quality of the food being served. Or, the surveys could be used to judge how students think about parking availability, access to the supplies they need for classes, and how well a faculty member delivered education during their class for the semester. QLess makes it easy to see through the eyes of your students. Empowered with this view and knowledge of where improvements need to be made, it’s up to your team to make the final push to implement changes around campus. Without QLess, you’re flying blind, but with QLess, you’ve got the eagle eyes needed to improve your campus experience and raise your enrollment. Contact us today for a free personalized demo!