Line Management App For Higher Education

Whether it’s the beginning of a semester, a college sports event, a campus rally, or just your everyday lunch rush, higher education institutions draw large lines on a daily basis. Students are used to waiting in lines and your staff is used to managing this dilemma, but what if you can take away this burden? The QLess line management app does just that — it disperses lines with the bonus features of appointment scheduling and data capture. Many colleges and universities are already using it to revolutionize the way their campus functions.

Get Rid of Lines!

Some estimates state that Americans spend 37 billion hours per year waiting in lines. We wait in lines at grocery stores, cash registers, amusement parks, and many other places. People could do some productive work with that time.

Lines form in so many places on campus — at admissions, the financial aid and advisors office, the library, the lunch hall, special events, textbook and supplies stores, and so much more. It forces students to wait and waste valuable time they could have spent studying or socializing with peers. The QLess line management app lets students join virtual queues using their cell phone or an onsite kiosk. From that point, they are free to wait anywhere they want to while the app sends them accurate wait time forecasts. This dispersing of lines lets students social distance and gives them more time back for their busy schedule. Not to mention, campus staff no longer has to manage large waiting areas of bored students.

Easy Appointment Scheduling for Students, Staff, and Faculty

The line management app doesn’t just stop at dispersing lines, it also provides an easy appointment scheduling process that students can use via the app, college website, or onsite kiosk. Qless allows students to walk-in for a service or create an appointment while they are seamlessly integrated together. The software fills gaps in the schedule to make better use of faculty’s time. Automated appointment reminders are sent directly to students' cell phones, keeping them on task.

Data Capture for Detailed Records

Any higher education employee knows that detailed records of all transactions is essential to help keep students on track to graduate, keep staff organized, and stay in compliance with the institution’s processes. The QLess line management app provides detailed data capture for this purpose. Student information, meetings with staff, and other important analytics are securely stored in the system. The app can also give you the option to send out satisfaction surveys to students. All of this data can be used to improve the college’s processes and gauge what’s working and what’s not.

Customer satisfaction is influenced more by perceived wait times than actual wait times. So make sure that both actual and perceived wait times in your organization aren't frustrating for students and staff.

Direct Communication for Staff and Students

A handy feature of the line management app is the ability for staff to send personalized notifications to students who are waiting in the virtual queue or who have an upcoming appointment. This makes it easy to send alerts about delays in the schedule. Likewise, students can also communicate through the app should they need more time before getting the service they want.

According to a survey, 83% of participants think it would help to be told in advance of the length of wait, or get notified via phone or text ahead of the appointment if wait time is over 30 minutes.

The QLess line management app is capable of handling the largest of higher education systems and diverse enough to be utilized in all areas of the campus system. Contact us today for a free demo and to learn about how other higher education institutions are having great success with QLess.