Online Hospital Appointment Systems Improve Patient Experiences

When patients visit the hospital, they have certain expectations they hope are met. They want to be listened to, shown respect, and they don't want to wait in the waiting room for an extended period of time. Simply waiting can increase a patient's nervousness, agitation, and frustration. Combine those ingredients with illness or injury and you have a recipe for a bad experience at your healthcare business. What if you could reduce wait times by up to 97% and raise customer satisfaction by up to 100%? Now, there is a better way to schedule hospital appointments with an online system.

Reduced Wait Time and Less Crowded Waiting Rooms

The QLess hospital queue management app is a program that lets your patients schedule their hospital appointments through an online system via your company's website, an app on their mobile device, or by using a physical kiosk in your waiting room. The system is fully automated and will follow up with them as their appointment draws near. Notifications will be sent to patients' cell phones asking them to confirm whether they will be able to attend their appointment or if they need to reschedule. This confirmation process reduces no-shows and walk-aways by up to 75%.

Because patients are given real-time updates on wait times in the virtual queue, they have the opportunity to wait wherever they want to until the app summons them for their hospital appointment. The online system sends alerts directly to their phones, keeping them abreast of any issues or delays. While they wait, they are free to grab something to eat at the cafeteria, take a walk outside, peruse a nearby business, or even just wait in their car. The QLess hospital queue app lets people roam freely instead of being shackled to a waiting room filled with other potentially contagious patients and outdated magazines.


FlexAppointments are a part of the online hospital appointment system. They seamlessly integrate walk-ins with appointments that have already been scheduled. This helps reduce long gaps between patients on busy days. FlexAppointments also collect data that enables staff to better assist patients with information and the type of service needed.

If your healthcare business has multiple locations, the QLess online hospital appointment system can manage all clinics at once. This means that patients can view wait times across all of your locations and they can use that information to decide where they will book the appointment. This helps spread out the workload and prevents burnout for your staff and healthcare providers.

Direct Communication Between Staff and Patients

Small, empty hospital waiting room

The QLess online hospital appointment system can be used directly by your staff members. They have access to a real-time dashboard for each location that lets them see a picture for the just the day or an entire month of what services are needed, available times, customer information, and other at-a-glance data to help them optimize their workflow. Your staff can also send direct communications to patient cell phones, notifying them of service delays or other issues affecting the hospital's queue. Keeping patients in the loop will make them happier and more satisfied with the whole experience. Patients can also communicate with your staff to request more time, get status updates, or to leave the queue.

Advanced Metrics

Once the patient has completed their hospital appointment, the online system will immediately send them a short customer satisfaction survey straight to their cell phone. While many healthcare businesses today send customer satisfaction surveys to patients, they are often sent by email within a day or two after service has been completed. Research shows that the sooner a survey is sent, the more likely people are to actually complete it. Length also plays a large factor in the completion rates of surveys. The QLess online hospital appointment system app has the advantage for high completion rates with short, to-the-point survey questions and immediate deliveries.

Business owners can use customer satisfaction surveys to identify weak spots in how services are conducted and this allows them to try methods to improve these issues. They can also use the data to motivate staff to operate more efficiently. The QLess online hospital appointment system also collects valuable data and metrics from each service, like transaction types, transaction duration times, delay times, no-show rates, return rates, and outcomes. All of the data collected by the hospital queue app is arranged into easy to read reports and graphs that can be viewed by hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly segments. Staff can download these reports for future reference.

Improved Patient Experiences Build a Stronger Business

It's no secret that a good reputation is needed to grow a prosperous business. When patients have a bad experience, they feel empowered to tell others and leave bad online reviews in the hopes that either the business will make changes to better themselves, or so that other people can be warned to avoid using their services. In the healthcare industry, both your online presence and word of mouth references are extremely important to keeping existing customers and gaining new ones. They say reputations are like glass - fragile and irreparable once broken. This is why it is so important to reduce negative reviews and grow a collection of positive ones.

With the QLess online hospital appointment system, patients aren't forced to wait in crowded waiting rooms. They can move their appointments and use their wait time to be productive in any way they see fit. With more power in the hands of the patients, they will have a better experience and share good reviews about your business. Happier patients mean happier staff and healthcare providers. The QLess healthcare queue management system creates better experiences for everyone and helps boost your profits.

Our system is perfect for any business that has to contend with long lines and wait times, including government offices, DMVs, education, logistics, retail, and other industries. Contact QLess today to request a free business demo.