Essential Elements of the Student Experience in Higher Education

The student experience in higher education is a subject all areas of the college community need to attend to. A positive student experience can mean glowing online reviews, retaining students


Higher Education Issues That Colleges and Universities Face in 2021

Higher Education Issues in the United States Higher education in the United States is approaching a period of change. Student needs are evolving with the recent shifts in technology, job


Student Recruitment Strategies to Beat out Your Competitors

Ways College Admission Teams Can Enhance Student Recruitment Plans Whether you’re leading an admissions team at a large public university or a small, private college, student recruitment keeps the doors


The Student Journey 101

College students aren’t often thought of as consumers or customers, but there are strong similarities between prospective college students and potential buyers. Both the student journey and the customer journey

Appointment Scheduling

Statistics that Show How Appointment Scheduling Benefits Higher Education

Higher Education Statistics You Need to Know The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently altered how colleges interact with prospective students, current students, and parents. Higher education statistics show that while students