Patient Flow: Benefits of Optimizing Patient Movement

Healthcare facilities are under a lot of pressure. An aging population, shortage of healthcare workers, and decreasing hospital capacity are contributing to severe overcrowding and care delivery delays in many


Medical Scheduling Software: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

The healthcare industry relies on appointment scheduling between doctors and patients to run its operations. However, the efficiency of your medical scheduling software can play a large role in determining


How to Reduce Wait Times for Healthcare

Urgent care clinics, emergency rooms, family doctors, and other healthcare facilities have to deal with delays in scheduling on a daily basis. When patients show up late, others who show


Improving Digital Healthcare Adoption

Prior to the pandemic, healthcare technology was steadily on the rise. However, the pandemic rapidly sped up the development and implementation of new tools. More than ever, healthcare providers are

COVID-19 Solutions

Tech and Data Can Serve As the Backbone for Vaccine Distribution

Originally published in RouteFifty The long-awaited Covid-19 vaccine has arrived. As of now, three pharmaceutical companies–Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca–have announced that their vaccines are anywhere from 70 and 95% effective. And with