Just found this gem in a recent discussion on reddit.com:

“I worked at Target in high school, and in the ‘training’ before we started, they had about 15 new hires in a conference room, and they had us stand up and told us to sit down once we thought 1 minute had elapsed. They told us not to count though, but just to sit down when it felt like a minute. I swear, this one woman sat down after 15-20 seconds. Almost everyone had sat down, and it was down to just me and one other person, and they sat down, and then I felt awkward standing by myself and so I waited a bit and sat down. Turns out I sat down at like 48 seconds. The point was to show how people think things last longer in situations where they are waiting.”

Maybe you have metrics about your average customer wait. Maybe not (you should!) But have you ever collected metrics about your average perceived customer wait? The two numbers can be quite different. Products are consumed, but services are experienced. How and where you make your customers wait can dramatically reduce their perceived wait time. Get Qless, let them use their cell phones to hold their spot in line, and wait how and where they choose, and they’ll love you for it.