Through analytics provided from the Qless services, it has been determined there is a clear relationship between positive customer experience and revenue growth, referrals, return visits and customers’ experiences when dealing with something seemingly as simple as physical waiting rooms and lines for service.

Consumers’ time is precious and they will often patronize businesses that value theirs. If disorganization reigns and a business of any kind – be it a salon, a doctor’s office, the DMV or the post office — cannot meet its customers’ immediate needs, its patrons will take their money, and their positive word of mouth elsewhere.

There are, however, solutions that allow business leaders to automate the management of their lines and queues making for a quicker transaction, as well as can make the entire process a virtual one with results delivered directly to consumers’ mobile devices.

Proven benefit of mobile queueing reduces congestion

With the proliferation of mobile technology there is no longer a need for physical lines or to keep people waiting. Simple solutions are currently available that, when enabled, allow business leaders to alert their clients of real-time wait times at a single or multiple locations, thereby accomplishing several goals for both organizational leaders and their customers.

For example, if a franchised business serves clients in multiple locations, the business’ clients are able to sign up for SMS mobile alerts from the business that alert them to wait times at each designated location. By connecting directly with its clients, business leaders are able to inform clients as to what the wait times are at each of their locations, as well as steer customers to locations where wait times are shorter. Likewise, organizational leaders with a single business location can manage client expectations and create efficiencies for those seeking services at their office.

Providing better overall experiences for customers

Long lines typically mean poor experiences for customers and can be a sign of a poorly managed operation. Fixing one often can result in fixing the other, and automated mobile queue solutions provided by Qless, for example, can streamline front-end interactions for businesses and their customers.

Qless SMS queue manager is revolutionizing countless organizations and government agencies all over the world from the U.S. postal service and the Department of Motor Vehicles to the Social Security Administration, private physicians’ offices, retail outlets, restaurants and entertainment venues.

In some organizations, Qless’ virtual queue management system has reduced average wait times at by as much as 250 percent or more, a common outcome. For other organizations, the reduced times people spend waiting in line have been reduced by more than 75 percent.

The less time customers have to wait in line, the happier their customers will be, the more money they will spend and the more likely they will be to patronize and spread the message about your business. With Qless there is A Better Way to Wait.