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Government Webinars & Events

Improving Public Perception with Technology

Are you using the latest technology to improve public perception of your government office? In this webinar, we evaluate the trends in technology influencing government processes, customer service, and public perception.

Government Webinars & Events

The Cloud Revolution: New Advantages for Government Agencies

One thing we can all agree should be a non-partisan issue is that citizens should be comfortable reaching out to their representatives. Unfortunately, many of the infrastructures that government offices have in place don’t always make this particularly easy or convenient for modern constituents.

Education Webinars & Events

5 Best Practices for Efficient Campus Offices

In this webinar, host Dr. Alex Bäcker shares the 5 best practices to improve campus operations, create a great student experience, and review technology that will make you a hero – both at your office and with your students.

Government Webinars & Events

Disaster Planning for Sustainable Growth within the Public Sector

In 2017 alone, the U.S. has been struck by 15 natural disasters that have each culminated $1 billion in damages. Preparation for emergencies and disasters is vital in order to maintain steady operations, handle increases in demand, and provide an enhanced citizen experience.

Education Webinars & Events

A Customer's Perspective – Best Practices & Tips from Collin College

Are you using QLess to its fullest potential? There are a lot of amazing ways your college can gain insights with the QLess platform. In our webinar, guest presenter Doug Willis, Dean of Student Development at Collin College, shares reflections and advice on his campus deployment of QLess.

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