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Government Whitepapers & eBooks

The Digital Citizen: How to make government agencies more efficient and user-friendly

Citizens have high expectations for government services, whether at the state or municipal level. They’ve been spoiled by the private sector to expect instant answers and digital solutions.

Healthcare Whitepapers & eBooks

The Virtual Waiting Room: Increase Patient Satisfaction and Boost Operational Efficiencies

Patients hate sitting in waiting rooms. If they’re waiting for an appointment, they’re already anxious about the medical condition that brought them there, and the waiting room compounds their anxiety. They worry about the spread of germs from other sick patients, and they worry about the things they need to get done in their day.

Education Whitepapers & eBooks

Campus Without Lines: How respecting students' time improves student retention, satisfaction rates, and resource management

Colleges want their students to graduate – it’s part of their mission. Unfortunately, about a third of all undergraduate students in public and private nonprofit colleges drop out without obtaining a certificate or degree. The cost of attrition for colleges is significant.

Retail Whitepapers & eBooks

The Digital Customer: Eliminate the wait to delight customers, improve productivity, and increase sales

In the last decade, the world of retail has been turned upside down. Instead of walking into a store and browsing, 67% of consumers say they research products online before shopping for them in brick-and-mortar stores.


Free Your Retail Customers from Waiting in A Queue

As a customer yourself, have you ever walked into a store, seen dozens of people waiting in a queue, and immediately walked right back out? Even the sight of a…

Empower your customers to wait wherever they want with QLess.